Clear Plastic Cups - 7 OZ / 200 ML - Box of 2000

Clear Plastic Cups - 7 OZ / 200 ML - Box of 2000

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Next day delivery available on our low priced recycled cups feature a rolled rim and ridged edges making them easy to hold and drink from.

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Our low cost clear plastic cups are 70mm wide at the top, and 44m at the bottom, holding a fluid 7oz, or just under 200ml. This means our plastic cups hold more than the popular coned paper cups, leading to less frequent trips to the water cooler and more time to concentrate on the work or exercises at hand. Another advantage of our low cost plastic cups over paper cups is the shape, as they feature a flat bottom. This means the cups can be rested on any flat surface, should anything interrupt your drinking time.

Our cheap plastic cups feature ridged edges and a rolled rim, both of which contribute to a cup that is easy to drink from and hold, and unlikely to spill or overflow. This is ideal for an office where important documents are printed every day, or a gym where slippery surfaces could cause accidents or injury.

This is an affordable alternative to the running of a dishwasher, and also prevents the time-wasting and hygiene risks which come with sharing and regularly washing up mugs or glasses. Even if you’re concerned about the environment, plastic cups are widely recycled and used to form all kinds of products, such as plastic bags, storage containers or stationery. Whether you’re an office manager looking to restock the company water cooler, or a gym owner looking for the best way to keep his customers hydrated, these could be the solution.

External box dimensions (w x d x h) 39 x 26 x 53 cm

Unit Size 2000