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Anti Flood Device - Water Block

This anti-flood device, or water block, is guaranteed to perform at the highest of standards thanks to its WRAS approval.

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This anti-flood device, or water block, is guaranteed to perform at the highest of standards thanks to its WRAS approval. Working through a mechanical disc and barrel design, the water block will shut off mains water supply after a predetermined amount of between 1 to 10 litres have passed through the device "“as would be the case with a leak. The water block works at pressures of up to 10 bar, and temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius, so it'll be suitable for you whatever your regular water pressure or temperature. With a long life-expectancy of 300,000 litres, a water block is a cost-effective and long-term solution to your leaking worries, and will keep your equipment safe and secure even if the worst was to happen.

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A WRAS approved water block like this one will offer protection against any unexpected leaks or flooding, preventing any excess water flow from reaching your waterways and drinking fountains or water coolers. This offers an inexpensive method of protecting your premises & expensive equipment against the risk of becoming damaged, should the worst happen. This anti-flood device works mechanically, reducing the need for any of the safety precautions required with electrical components or equipment. The water block features a barrel-shaped vessel, with a small disc inside. As water flows through the water block, this disc is pushed from one end towards the other. Depending on which setting you choose, as soon as a predetermined amount of between 1 to 10 litres of water have passed through the barrel, the disc will reach the far end and shut off the water supply. This is designed to protect against the excessive water flow which occurs as a result of a flooding leak. The position of this disc can also be reset at any point with a small red level. Your water block will protect your waterways and drinking fountains against damage from flooding, and for this reason should be installed onto the main ¼" copper water pipe, before any flexi pipes used to connect water coolers or other appliances. The water block will work for water flow of up to 10 bar, or 145 psi of pressure. It will burst at around 50 bar of pressure, but if you require protection against such high water pressures you may wish to use your water block in-line with a pressure reducing valve. The anti-flood device will work reliably for up to 300,000 litres of flowing water, at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. This makes it suitable for all kinds of appliances or drinking fountains, both refrigerated and heated.

Additional Information

Unit Size 1
Tech Specs Burst pressure: 50 bar Max. Working pressure: 10 bar Max. Pre-set volume: 50 litres Min. pre-set volume 5 litres Min. working flow: +/- 1.5 - 0.5 litres/minute Max. Water temperature: 70°C Life expectancy: 300,000 litres Threads: 3/4" BSP F x 3/4" BSP Reset: Manual

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