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Industrial Cooling Fans

MIW's range of industrial 110v and 240v high velocity wall mounted fans offer an affordable cooling solution for factories and other large scale industrial premises. All our high powered drum fans feature heavy duty wheels for portability and blade covers to ensure maximum safety. Our range feature rigid steel blades which are more efficient and produce greater air movement.

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  1. The MIW-2460 wall mounted 3 speed oscillating fan is our most powerful wall mounted fan, moving 213 cubic metres of air every minute. This makes it powerful enough for even the most stubborn of jobs, and ideal for industrial or commercial use. Learn More

    RRP: £484

  2. Replacement 110v Fan Motor Learn More

    RRP: £50

  3. Replacement control switch for our high velocity industrial drum fans. Learn More

    RRP: £3

  4. Replacement control dial for MIW's range of high velocity industrial wall mounted, pedestal and drum fans. Learn More

    RRP: £3

  5. Replacement control switch set for our high velocity 110v Industrial Drum Fan Learn More

    RRP: £39

  6. Replacement wheel set for our high velocity industrial drum fan Learn More

    RRP: £20

  7. Handle & Feet Set for our High Velocity Industrial Drum Fans Learn More

    RRP: £13

  8. Replacement 110v Capacitor Learn More

    RRP: £23

  9. There are few fans that can rival the 1845F 18" industrial fan for price, performance and build quality. The 1845F frame has been manufactured from lightweight yet strong alloy which has been chrome plated and not only looks great but is easy to keep clean. Learn More

    RRP: £141

  10. The Drum Fan 3076 is not the United Kingdom’s best selling industrial floor-standing fan for nothing. The 3076 featured a three-speed dial, and at maximum capacity is capable of moving 12,950 cubic metres of air per hour, covering a huge 1,500 square foot. Learn More

    RRP: £584

  11. The MIW-2460 is our most expensive 110v industrial wall mounted fan, but with this price comes the highest of quality and efficiency. Learn More

    RRP: £429

  12. As the world’ best selling 110v industrial floor standing fan, MIW's 3076 is a high powered drum fan capable of ventilating your factory, gym or office at a relatively low running cost. It can move up to 16,000 cubic metres of air per hour, nearly 4,000 more than our next most powerful product. It covers a huge 120 square metres with its air flow, using a set of large 30 inch blades. Learn More

    RRP: £629

  13. New
    Wall mounted industrial MIW fan oscillating 3 speed 240v and 110v
    The MIW-1845 industrial wall mounted fan is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution to your air flow needs - whether they are industrial, leisure or office based. the 18” diameter steel blades can move 6,420 cubic metres of air in an hour, with a maximum air flow speed of 202 metres per minute. Learn More

    RRP: £269

  14. The MIW-1845 is an 110v industrial wall mounted fan, perfect for any industrial setting due to its low price tag and impressive output. The fan’s 18” diameter aluminium blades quietly move over 3,800 cubic feet of air per minute, covering an area of 11 square metres. Learn More

    RRP: £399

  15. Replacement Control box sticker for our High Velocity Industrial Drum Fans Learn More

    RRP: £5


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