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Wall Mounted Fan Industrial High Velocity 110v MIW

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Wall Mounted Fan 110v / 50hz - 18" / 45cm 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

The MIW-1845 is an 110v industrial wall mounted fan, perfect for any industrial setting due to its low price tag and impressive output. The fan’s 18” diameter aluminium blades quietly move over 3,800 cubic feet of air per minute, covering an area of 11 square metres.

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The MIW-1845 high velocity 18" 110v industrial wall mounted fan is perfect for any industrial setting due to its low price tag and impressive output. The fan’s 18” diameter aluminium blades quietly move over 3,800 cubic feet of air per minute, covering an area of 11 square metres. The MIW-1845 features an oscillating feature, and once bolted to the wall it can be tilted up or down, depending on your requirements. The fan also uses only 95 watts even at the highest of its three power settings, making it as economical as it is efficient. If you are in need of a high quality wall mounted industrial fan, but do not require the greater power of the larger MIW-2460, then you may want to try the MIW-1845 today.


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The MIW-1845 uses an 110v input, requiring 95 watts of current to run at full speed. Like many industrial wall mounted fans, it features a three speed power setting. You can adjust the speed of the fan to three levels, depending on the amount of air flow which you’d like. The fan operates at 1105, 1220 or 1335 rotations per minute, and also features lightweight aluminium blades. These are lighter than their plastic counterparts, and slice through the air with greater efficiency. This combination of power and efficiency means that the MIW-1845 can move a huge 6,600 cubic metres of air per hour, or 1,100 each minute. High quality engineering also means that despite these impressive figures, your building will not be drowned out with the sound of rushing air. The 1845 produces only 68 decibels while running, a feature particularly useful to owners workforces where staff may be distracted by loud noise. For greater control over the direction and movement of air, the MIW-1845 wall mounted fan can be rotated within a 70 degree radius, and also tilted vertically to blow air upwards or downwards. This feature has implications for both leisure and industrial settings, as the fans can be effectively sued to dissipate steam from specific machines or areas of health and fitness equipment. Unlike any other 110v industrial fans, the KWP-1845 also comes with an oscillating feature. The fan will automatically swing back and forth within a 70 degree angle, widely dispersing any heat, fumes or air. The KWP-1845 comes complete with a strong wall bracket and screws, which can be easily attached to securely hold your fan against the wall. This will ensure the 6 kilogram piece of equipment stays firmly bolted to the wall, and not dropping on the heads of your customers or employees! The fan comes with comprehensive set up instructions and all parts required, meaning your fan will be up and running in next to no time. You’ll also save time and money on maintenance, as the MIW-1845’s permanently sealed bearings are very unlikely to break down, as they will not be affected by any atmospheric dust or dirt. This means that the 110v wall mounted fan requires little to no attention, you can simply set it up and get on with the job at hand. The MIW-1845 is conveniently sized at 18 inches in diameter. It provides excellent air flow, while not being too big or bulky. The base of the fan is cast from strong stainless steel, and the casing around the blades is finished in attractive chrome, giving the product the aesthetically pleasing appearance which some industrial fans neglect. Overall the MIW-1845 looks as good as it runs, and is as lightweight as it is cost-effective. Please note this fan is not supplied with a fitted plug.

Additional Information

Area Covered 11.5
Current Max 0.92
Diameter 45 cm / 18''
Max Output 110
Noise Level 68
Power Input 90
Rated Voltage 13A
Fan Speed 1335-1220-1105

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