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3-Speed Industrial Oscillating Pedestal Fan MIW

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High Velocity Floor Standing Industrial Pedestal Fan 24" / 60cm Diameter - 240v

At 24” this 240v floor-standing industrial fan boasts the largest fan base of all pedestal fans in the United Kingdom. It moves a huge 12,600 cubic metres of air per hour at the highest setting of 910 rotations per minute.

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At 24” MIW's 240v floor-standing industrial pedestal fan boasts the largest fan base of all pedestal fans in the United Kingdom. It moves a huge 12,600 cubic metres of air per hour at the highest setting of 910 rotations per minute. Additional speed controls also offer 790 and 860 rotations per minute, and the fan’s ergonomic designs mean it can be tilted into position. This 240 fan also comes with an oscillating setting to improve overall air movement. The fan is built with strong steel, keeping the fan still and safe even at the maximum output. Its bright chrome and black finish looks good whatever the setting, and nicely compliments the excellent functionality of the fan.

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The MIW-2460-P 240v floor-standing industrial pedestal fan pumps out 210 cubic metres of air per minute, or a huge 12,600 cubic metres per hour. It does this through a 600mm, or 24” fan head which provides industrial-scale cooling or dispersal of fumes. The high output of this fan gives it the potential for use in any number of locations, including gyms, offices and factories. Even if your required output often changes, the 2460-P pedestal fan offers three speed options. These are 790, 860 and 910 rotations per minute, using between 99 and 146 watts of power depending on the power setting selected. The MIW-2460P 240v floor standing pedestal fan also features an oscillating option, automatically creating the maximum dispersal of air. As well as being placed on a pedestal stand, the KSMF fan can also be tilted back and forth for the desired pitch. Weighing less than 20 kilograms, the fan can also be transported or repositioned with absolute ease. Again, the manufacturers of this high quality fan enable you to adjust your air flow to your exact requirements, improving efficiency and saving money on your electricity bill. The MIW-2460-P industrial fan boasts the largest diameter fan head to be placed upon a pedestal stand in all of the United Kingdom, allowing for an area of 22.8 square metres to be covered. Thanks to the fan’s high efficiency and steal blades the air flow is produced with minimum noise pollution. This keeps the fan ideal for settings or location which are more leisure-orientated, like gyms or swimming pools. You would still be able to disperse the water vapour or steam produced by vigorous exercise or a warm swimming pool, without distracting or annoying your customers. The fan is constructed of strong steel, meaning that even at the top speed of 910 rotations per minute the fan remains still, despite its height from the ground. This strong steel is covered with an attractive chrome and black finish, making this floor-standing fan an aesthetically-pleasing, as well as efficient asset to your factory or gym.

Additional Information

Area Covered 22.8
Current Max 1.5
Diameter 60 cm / 24"
Max Output 212
Noise Level 71.6
Power Input 152
Rated Voltage 13A
Fan Speed 910-860-790

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