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Wall Mounted Fan 240v / 50hz - 30" / 76cm 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

Wall Mounted Fan 240v / 50hz - 30" / 76cm 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

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The MIW-3076 isn“™t just our most powerful wall mounted fan, moving 215 cubic metres of air every minute, but it“™s the largest wall fan available in the UK. This makes it powerful enough for even the most stubborn of jobs, and ideal for industrial or commercial use. Air is moved by sturdy, 30“? metal blades, being spun up to 890 times per minute by a three-speed motor. While fixed to the wall, the MIW-3076 can be tilted up or down to target your air flow, while an oscillating feature also means greater distribution of air through your office or factory.

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If you require a wall mounted fan for your commercial or industrial factory or health club, the MIW-3076 could be for you. It is the most expensive wall mounted fan we offer, but with this price tag comes the greatest power and efficiency for a fan of its type. At its highest power setting, the 3076 will spin its huge 30? blades up to 890 times per minute, covering an area of 24.8 square metres.

At its highest setting, the MIW-3076 wall mounted fan will move an impressive 215 cubic metres of air per minute, or 12,900 cubic metres in an hour. This efficiency will clear your steam, fumes or odours with ease, and easily keep your place of work or leisure well cooled and ventilated. Even if this is surplus to your requirements, the 3760™s three speed switch means that you can reduce the rotations per minute from 890 down to 830 or 750 per minute. The extra expense needed to purchase this fan will soon be negated by the money you could save on your electricity bill, especially with the fan™s low 93 watts - medium 105 watts and high setting just 128 watts input. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to your ventilation needs, but require only the best in physical performance, the MIW-3076 may be your ideal fan. With a 30?, or 76 centimetre diameter, the KWP-3076 is larger than its cheaper alternative, the MIW-2460. However, much like the MIW-2460, its blades and mechanisms are housed in a strong steel casing. This chrome finish gives the fan a stylish but subtle appearance, making it just as suitable for an expensive spa or health club as a small factory or warehouse. At only 15.1 kilograms, coming complete with a wall bracket and fixing bolts, the MIW-3076 is also easy to set up and mount to the wall, so you™ll be benefitting from its great air flow in no time. At just under 70 decibels, the 3076 is slightly louder than the smaller 2460 model. However, it does also offer an oscillating mode, and can be tilted up or down for an altered air pitch. As the fan is wall mounted, this feature is ideal. You can tailor the air flow to your needs, while also saving floor space “ particularly useful in those smaller locations or factories.

Dimensions: The slim line design of the fan helps keep it in good shape measuring just H x W x D 80 x 83 x 33 (cm)

Thanks to its impressive performance, the 3076 is one of MIW™s most popular wall-mounted fan units, so we always carry a large stock holding, ready for next day delivery.

Area Covered 24.8 M2
Current Max 0.60 AMPS
Diameter 76 cm / 30”
Fan Speed 3
Max Output 215 m³ per minute
Noise Level 69.8
Power Input Low 93 Med 105 High 128 Watts
Rated Voltage 240v