High Velocity Floor Standing Industrial Pedestal Tri Fan - 240v

High Velocity Floor Standing Industrial Pedestal Tri Fan - 240v

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High velocity by both name and nature, MIW’s latest 240v industrial pedestal tri-fan combines power and practicality, with an easy-to-handle light weight design supporting the largest diameter fan head un the UK. Capable of shifting 210 cubic metres of air per minute/12,600 cubic metres per hour, it is suitable for practically any large indoor location – gyms, offices, hospitals, or even factory floors. 

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What makes this model such an outstanding performer is its heavy-duty design. The three independently operated fan heads are crafted from steel, enabling the highly efficient blades to slice through the air, producing three times the movement of their plastic counterparts. This, coupled with the silent, 240v motor, means that even humid environments, such as gyms and alike, can be efficiently cooled without the irritation of a noisy air conditioning system.

Weighing less than 25kg this unit is uniquely flexible. Its small footprint also makes it ideal for locations where floor space is at a premium, but a wall-mounted unit is impractical. It’s easily relocated, should the need arise, and simple to pack away in cooler seasons. Each of the three fan heads can be tilted up and down, and moved from side to side, and each can be independently operated, allowing for a gentler speed at lower levels, while still keeping the air circulating. An oscillating option is also available. The three different speed options are 790, 860 and 910 rotations per minute. When on full power, this high velocity fan can cool an area in a very short period of time, and yet each fan head only uses 74 watts of electricity when on high, making this unit as economic to run as it is efficient. It’s also designed to require zero maintenance, with sealed bearings needing no lubrication or upkeep.

Quick and simple to assemble, the MIW High Velocity Floor Standing Industrial Pedestal Tri Fan is beautifully finished in chrome and black, making it a hard working and aesthetically pleasing addition to any professional environment.

Area Covered 22.8 M2
Current Max 0.38 Amps
Diameter 45 cm / 18'', 60 cm / 24"
Fan Speed 1310-1190-1070
Max Output 303
Noise Level 71.6
Power Input 74
Rated Voltage 13A