Hot Water Boilers


Hot water boilers from MIW

Hot water is essential in any workplace. Every responsible employer knows that they need to provide their staff with the facilities to make a brew or two during the day. But for those organisations with larger workforces, sometimes a little kettle just won’t cut it.

With premium hot water boilers from MIW, you can save valuable time for your employees. Our range of high-quality hot water boilers provide a simple yet stylish solution to all your hot water requirements.

Give your team members instant access to boiling water and put an end to queues at the kettle with a hot water boiler from MIW.

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Why do you need a hot water boiler?

Sometimes a solitary kettle just isn’t enough to cope with your hot water needs. If your staff work to timed breaks or you’d simply like to help them become more productive throughout the day, a water boiler could be a great solution for you.

When buying or renting a countertop or wall-mounted hot water boiler, we recommend you deal with a specialist to strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and product quality.

The MIW hot water boiler range

Here at MIW, we offer hot water boiler rental as a low-cost option for organisations. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to our team of experienced engineers. And we can also provide aftercare services such as descaling and maintenance within the one rental price, so that you always know what your monthly outgoings will be.

Stylish, efficient and practical

The sleek, stainless steel hot water boilers you’ll find in our collection are of the highest quality. Add a boiler to your workplace and your team will thank you for making it easier than ever to get hot, filtered water for their hot drinks. It may seem a small thing to some people, but we understand that the benefits of such convenience can be significant over the course of a month or a year.

Our hot water boilers are among the most stylish and compact on the market, making them perfect additions to offices, factories, warehouses and even schools. 

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