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Wall Mounted Fan 110v / 50hz - 24" / 60cm 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

Wall Mounted Fan 110v / 50hz - 24" / 60cm 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

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The MIW-2460 is our most expensive 110v industrial wall mounted fan, but with this price comes the highest of quality and efficiency.

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The MIW-2460 is our most expensive 110v 50hz industrial wall mounted fan, but with this price comes the highest of quality and efficiency. The fan's light aluminium blades, being turned by a set of permanently sealed bearings, can move nearly 13,000 cubic metres of air per hour. This makes the MIW-2460 ideal for those larger industrial or commercial enterprises, as air speeds of up to 212 cubic metres per minute will quickly and efficiently dispel the build-up of water vapour from gym users, industrial fumes from machinery, and anything in between. With a blade diameter of 24 inches and a weight of only 13.3 kilograms, the MIW-2460 is one of the lightest, most efficient wall mounted industrial fans on the market.


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The MIW-2460 is ideal for any number of commercial, leisure or industrial environments. The fan's 110v input complies with the safety restrictions imposed on many industrial factories, meaning no unsavoury visits from trading standards, and more importantly no accidents. The fan also uses only 152 watts of current at full power, making it inexpensive to run even for long hours. However, it is through sheer volume of moved air that the MIW-2460 stands out from other 110v industrial wall mounted fans.

At a top speed of approximately 1,335 rotations per minute, the KWP-2460 pumps out a huge 212 cubic metres of air per minute, or 12,720 cubic metres in an hour. The fans three speed controller also offers speeds of 1,220 and 1,105 rotations per minute, allowing you to alter your air flow depending on the activity within your factory, gym or office. Not only could this save electricity costs, it would also reduce the already impressive noise level of only 69 decibels.

The MIW-2460 is structurally designed to produce the best possible efficiency. The fan's 24 inch or 60 centimetre blades are made from lightweight aluminium, contributing to the low overall weight of 13.3 kilograms, but also slicing through the air with greater efficiency than plastic blades. These blades are safely housed within a chrome-finished cage, providing both safety and an impressive physical appearance. The fan arrives with a strong steel mounting bracket, for easy attachment to a wall and maximum resistance against any accidents, vibrations or knocks. It also features permanently sealed bearings, meaning less chance of a breakdown and no unnecessary servicing or maintenance. As a wall mounted industrial fan, once it's up there, it won't need to come down.

If you require greater air movement for your industrial or commercial enterprise, and are most concerned with performance and value for money, then why not check out the MIW-2460. As far as industrial wall mounted fans go, it is one of the best for efficiency. Although more expensive than our other wall mounted 110v fans, the MIW-2460 will soon save you money through its low wattage and improved efficiency "œ meaning you could potentially buy less fans for the same end result. And even if the MIW-2460 is somewhat surplus to your requirements, you may be interested in the less expensive, smaller MIW-1845 model.

Area Covered 22.8
Current Max 1.5
Diameter 60 cm / 24"
Fan Speed 1335-1220-1105
Max Output 212
Noise Level 69.8
Power Input 152
Rated Voltage 13A