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Oasis Plumbed Water Dispenser

Oasis Plumbed Water Dispenser

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Slimline and stylish, the Oasis P1TR is a plumbed water dispenser ideal for the office environment. With a small footprint of just 38cm x 34cm, the dispenser can fit into the most compact of spaces, providing fresh, clean drinking water for your workforce and visitors at the touch of a button.

With a 1.5 litre cool capacity and automatic refill, the dispenser provides both chilled and ambient water. And yet only uses 100 watts of energy to power “ the same as a standard home light bulb.  

Designed with a robust one-piece blow moulded cabinet, the Oasis P1TR is sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of a busy office or waiting room without risk of damage. The design also means that the exterior is very easily cleaned “ simply wipe down the front with antibacterial spray and a soft cloth, and your dispenser will look as good as new for years to come.

Sleek, efficient, low-maintenance, and cost-effective, the Oasis P1TR could provide the perfect solution for your company™s hydration needs.