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Halsey Taylor 2509 - Drinking Fountain Head

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The Halsey Taylor 2509 outdoor drinking fountain delivers a double stream of fresh, clean water just by twisting a simple lever.

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The Halsey Taylor 2509 outdoor drinking fountain delivers a double stream of fresh, clean water just by twisting a simple lever. Your staff, students and customers can rehydrate at the fountain, but mound-building water flow also makes it easy to fill bottles and cups. An attractive chrome plated hood guard and a self-closing valve will prevent the contamination of the water supply, either from users' germs or the dust and debris which naturally accumulates in an outdoor setting. This is what gives the 2509 its NSF/ANSI 61 hygiene certification, so you can be sure that your drinking water is as hygienic and tasty as can be. Halsey Taylor's 2509 outdoor drinking fountain features a two-stream flow of water for quick drinking or bottle filling without the spitting or chugging which comes with some regular taps. The mound-building bubbler tap produces a stream of water which is around 1 ½"? (or 38mm) in height, making for easy use. The Halsey Taylor 2509 is factory set for mound-building water flow at between 40 and 50 psi, but the height can be manually adjusted to ensure a convenient and mess-free drink regardless of your water pressure. On top of this, a volume regulator will also prevent any spillages or spraying during the use of the 2509.

The 2509 outdoor drinking fountain is one of the smallest products on the market, with the handle and bubbler tap taking up no more than a square 15cm. This makes the 2509 an ideal unit for installation in tight corners and small courtyards, or even next to an existing outdoor drinking fountain or water cooler.

Halsey Taylor's 2509 outdoor drinking fountain comes complete with lead-free chrome plated fittings, which are as hygienic and durable as they are stylish. The 2509's easy to operate lever handle also features a self-closing valve and an integrated hood guard, both of which make for cleaner water and a hygienic unit. The hood guard and self-closing valve ensure that debris and germs do not contaminate the unit or water supply, even during high volume outdoor settings like school playgrounds and university courtyards.

This attention to hygiene has given the Halsey Taylor 2509 status as NSF/ANSI 61 certified. These hygiene guidelines apply to drinking fountains and any unit or material used in the delivery of drinking water, and ensures that impurities like chlorine or lead are present only at low levels, if at all. The 2509 also connects directly to a 3/8"? NPT mains water pipe, delivering only fresh and uncontaminated water, even when installed in an outdoor setting.

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