Cosmetal Niagara 120/180SL Agitator

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Ice bank agitator for the Niagara 65SL water dispenser 240v 50hz helps move water flow and prevent ice build up in the machine's ice bank

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Ice bank agitator for the Cosmetal Niagara 120SL & 180SL water dispenser 240v 50hz helps move water flow and prevent ice build up in the machine's ice bank. PC-17613008
This pressure reducing valve offers a convenient, easy to install safeguard against potentially harmful spikes or surges in water pressure. Sudden rises in water pressure could damage both your piping and any installed pieces of equipment, like drinking fountains, and so they offer cheap but essential protection against any costly maintenance or repairs to your plumbing. Furthermore, they can help to reduce wasted water by ensuring no overly-high pressures are affecting your water flow.

¼"? Pressure reducing valves can be installed on any mains fed water cooler or drinking fountain, with a standard ¼"? attachment or optional 5/16"? also available. The valve will reduce inlet water pressures of up to 220psi or 15.16 bar down to 90 psi, or 6.2 bar. A control knob allows you to alter this outlet pressure by up to 20% each way, should your equipment require it, up to 108 psi or as low as 72 psi.

This pressure reducing valve is suitable for water temperatures of between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius, making it appropriate for both regular drinking fountains and refrigerated water coolers. The valve supplies water flow of up to 5 litres per minute, so it will not impact the performance of your appliances or equipment. In perspective, this means that the valve will allow a standard 500ml drinking bottle to be filled in just six seconds "œ and only a few seconds for a normal cup.

The pressure reducing valve weighs a mere 60g, and with a quick speed push-in fitting also supplied, you'll be safeguarded against spikes or surges in water pressure within minutes of receiving your new product. Priced at just over a £10, these are one of the most cost-efficient but useful pieces of kit on the market today.

Tech Specs Weight: 60 g Max pressure in: 220 psi / 15.16 bar Pre set outlet pressure: 90 psi / 6.20 bar Max flow rate: 5 litres per minute Min/max water temp: 5 - 45 degrees Celsius Pipe size accepts 1/4" or 5/16" Water supply: mains only Variation: +/- 20% via manual adjustment