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Push Activation System Elkay

Push Activation System Elkay

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A major frustration of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the decommissioning of public water bottle fillers. The œPush Activation System? has been designed to counter the problem of potential cross contamination between users by converting push-button bottle fillers into hands free push activation models. Allowing redundant equipment to once again fulfil their purpose, providing essential public facilities, helping the fight against waste plastic, and preventing the waste of valuable equipment.

The simple and unique design works by replacing the existing drainage plate with a compressible refill platform. To release water, users press their bottle down upon the platform. When the pressure is removed, the water flow will cease. The upgraded interface has inbuilt drainage to prevent any build-up of water in the event of overspill, removing the need for any additional maintenance. While the original push-button activation remains functional for those who might prefer to use it in the post-COVID environment.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, this British built quality product is made from SS316 marine grade stainless steel to guarantee rust-free durability and prevent damage in freezing conditions.

Vandal-resistant and designed to last, the œPush Activation System? comes with a three-year guarantee. And is suitable for both factory fitting and retro fitting, allowing for the recommissioning of existing outdoor drinking fountains and bottle fillers. The unit fits most Halsey Taylor & Elkay Drinking Fountain and outdoor bottle fillers, including 4405BF, 4400BF, 4420BF, 4420DBBF and 4430BF.

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