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6-Month Replacement Water Dispenser GAC Carbon Filter

6-Month Replacement Water Dispenser GAC Carbon Filter

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Granular activated carbon filters can be easily installed without the need for tools on almost any plumbed water cooler or drinking fountain, and will deliver fresh and clean water by effectively removing chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and other impurities from the water supply.

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This 6 month GAC filter will provide you with refreshing drinks for an entire year, and as the unit will work at temperatures of 4.5 to 37.8 degrees Celsius and water pressures of 30 to 125 PSI, once the filter is installed you can simply forget about it.'s 12 month GAC filter will allow water to flow at an impressive 2.8 litres per minute, so while you can enjoy a drink of water that is cleaner and fresher, your customers or students won't be hampered with a long wait every time that they require a drink.

GAC (or granular activated carbon) filters work by utilising carbon's natural potential to absorb impurities and other molecules from within a stream of water. Carbon-rich substances like coal and coconut shell are first superheated to over 500 degrees Celsius, activating their carbon and producing a series of pores, holes and cracks which increase the surface area of the filter. As water flows through the granules, organic impurities are drawn out alongside chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and larger particles of dust or dirt.

This network of cracks and holes also means that's 6 month GAC filters will allow water to flow through at 0.75 gallons or 2.8 litres per minute, making the filter suitable for use on mains fed water coolers in busier environments like schools and gyms.

The installation of a 6 month GAC filter will not only produce water which is clean and refreshing, but it will prevent your drinking fountain or water cooler becoming contaminated or damaged from exposure to dirt or impurities. MIW's GAC filters are simple to fit using a quick release push fit connector and attached to your main water line, before the water enters your unit's internal waterways, and work with a maximum diameter of 2" and length of 10.5". This means that they can be attached to almost any plumbed water cooler or mains fed drinking fountain to produce cleaner, fresher water.

A 6 month GAC filter will serve you for at least a year, or for the filtering up to 8,500 litres (or 2,250 gallons) of water. This unit will also work under a variety of water pressures and temperatures, although it is unsuitable for water boilers like those offered here at This 12 month GAC filter will deliver water which is free from impurities at temperatures between 4.5 and 37.8 degrees Celsius, or between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The filter will also work under water pressures between 30 and 125 PSI, making it ideal even in areas of particularly high or low pressure.