Counter Top Mains Fed Water Coolers


When looking to buy a water cooler or drinking fountain, potential buyers can find themselves overwhelmed by the diversity of products and the sheer number of manufacturers to choose from, our aim is to give you the very best information allowing you to make the right choice, we have selected the world's top suppliers who offer the very best in water coolers and value for money.
Plumbed counter top water coolers come in many shapes and forms, (they can also be referred to as POU which stands for Point Of Use.) Generally counter top water coolers are chosen if clients have limited floor space; they can also save time and money on installation as when fitting to a kitchen work bench mains water and electric are normally readily available. A number of desk top water coolers have a small dispensing area which is ideal if you are filling cups or tumbler glass's but struggle when it comes to filling water jugs or a sports bottle, one machine which does both and has the added benefit of producing large amounts of chilled drinking water is the Cosmetal JClass Top 30A which dispenses 30 litres per hour is definitely worth a look.