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Borg and Overstrom B5 Cold and Ambient Mains Fed Water Dispenser

  • Filtered
  • Refrigerated
  • Cold and Ambient

Borg and Overstrom B5 Cold and Ambient Mains Fed Water Dispenser

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You could think of the Borg & Overstrom B5 as the Lamborghini Huracan of the water dispensing world. It is sleek. It is beautiful. It conceals some seriously clever engineering. And it might just get people whispering about a mid-life crisis… OK, not the last bit, but the rest is true.

Total = £849.00

The pièce de résistance of the Borg & Overstrom collection, the B5 provides optimum performance wrapped up in a body of incomparable design. Super streamlined, its footprint is petite, and yet its diminutive size belies a robust frame which is capable of withstanding a high level of use while delivering a high volume of chilled water.
Utilising the Direct Chill method, which is widely known for its increased chilling capacity and improved hygiene levels – without a standing reservoir there is nowhere for bacteria to find a home – the B5 can deliver as much as 22L of water, chilled to a refreshing 2°C, per hour. For those who prefer a more temperate drink, the ambient setting releases water at 11°C.
The further beauty of the Direct Chill system is that despite its high performance it requires no more power than the traditional plumbed water dispenser of 100W. Using the standard UK power supply of Hertz 50/Volts 220-240, the water is cooled by running the internal pipework around a refrigerated element, allowing the liquid to cool as it passes with no need for the added bulk, time or potential stagnation risk in low-use areas, of reservoir cooling. The only additional heft added to the B5’s design is the integration of a useful 10L waste container, which gently beeps when full, so there’s no chance that the feature created to prevent mess could inadvertently create it. And although the B5 is billed as ‘easy to maintain’, emptying the waste container is more or less the only regular maintenance required for this model after installation by MIW. Of course, if you rent from MIW, your equipment will be regularly serviced anyway, and should anything go wrong you only need pick up the phone.
In the B5 Borg & Overstrom wanted to create a dispenser which was pleasure to use, consequently the black and silver exterior is akin to a contemporary coffee maker, while the ease of use is second to none. The dispense area is fully open and lit, at a height that is easily accessible for all users, with separate electronic activation buttons, so there’s no need for blind fossicking as you search for a release button obscured by the placement of cups. A shrouded faucet both adds to the aesthetic and provides an additional layer of hygiene.
Finally, a built-in leak detector also makes an invaluable addition to the model, further recommending it for use in high spec office environments, where the last thing you need to worry about is uncontrolled water. Although freestanding, optional wall brackets are also available for the B5, for extra support in areas where there is potential for it to be knocked or bumped.
Oozing style while delivering unbeatable performance, the Borg & Overstrom B5 perfectly demonstrates that objects of utility need not look utilitarian. This is a piece of functional artwork.

H x W x D (cm)131 x 52 x 41.5
Wall Security Bracketsoptional
Waste Option(s)Fitted with Internal Waste Tank
Weight (kg)n/a
Chilled Water Production22 Litres per hour
Cooling SystemDirect Chill
Rated Input100 Watts
Water Temperature3 - 10 Degrees C