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Cosmetal Aquality 20 IB AC Plumbed Mains Fed Water Cooler

  • Filtered
  • Cold and Ambient

Cosmetal Aquality 20 IB AC Plumbed Mains Fed Water Cooler

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Cosmetal Aquality mains fed floor standing water cooler has been one of the United Kingdom's most popular water coolers since 1997 albeit with several upgrades over the years. Cased in steel and weighing only 22kg, the Aquality is a tough and light product which can be moved with ease, while maintaining good structural strength. Utilising Cosmetal's direct chill technology, the unit will deliver up to 20 litres of water at a temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius each hour, as well as an unlimited supply of room temperature water. The Aquality POU water cooler requires next to no maintenance, the 35cl plastic coated-drip tray which resists corrosion and prevents the build-up of germs in standing water. Additional filters and UV sanitisers can also be installed, for greater cleanliness and a higher quality drinking experience.

The Aquality 20 IB AC mains fed water cooler features two taps, to dispense both ambient (room temperature) water and chilled water. The 20 IB AC features Cosmetal's signature direct chill technology, with a stainless steel coil which rapidly chills water to between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy up to 20 litres of cool, refreshing water every hour, making the Aquality suitable for those busier locations like gyms or school courtyards. Not only does this fast chilling allow for high volume use of the mains fed water cooler, it also means bacteria or dirt cannot accumulate on the surface of any standing water. With operational buttons that are located far away from the generously sized dispensing area, good hygiene is also promoted by reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Even if staff, customers or students have dirt or germs on their hands, they are unlikely to contaminate the drinking water, ensuring illnesses or bugs don't spread between users. The Aquality mains fed water cooler is cased in steel, with an additional plastic coating. This ensures that the dispenser will last for years, without developing any form of potentially contaminating rust or corrosion. It'll also remain as stylish and sleek as the day it was bought, with easy to wipe surfaces. Internal plastic components can also be replaced separately, ensuring optimum hygiene and working condition with only a small monetary cost. The Aquality plumbed water cooler features a drip tray which holds up to 35cl of water with a full indicator helping prevent overflow, less spillages and less time wasted cleaning the cooler or mopping up wet patches. On top of this, an entirely mechanical anti-flood device can be installed to prevent any serious damage in the event of a disaster.  You may want to install an additional water filter or UV sterilisation unit, both of which contribute to a clean and efficient indoor water cooler, which provides users with only the cleanest drinking water.

H x W x D (cm)112 x 33 x 33
Wall Security Bracketsoptional
Waste Option(s)Standard Drip Tray Only
Weight (kg)22
Chilled Water Production18 Litres per hour
Cooling SystemDirect Chill
Rated Input100 Watts
Water Temperature8 - 12 Degrees C