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Oasis Aquarius Mains Fed Plumbed Water Cooler

  • Filtered
  • Refrigerated
  • Cold and Ambient

Oasis Aquarius Mains Fed Plumbed Water Cooler

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The Oasis Aquarius is one of the leading indoor plumbed water coolers, dispensing up to 6 litres of chilled drinking water every hour.

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The Aquarius is one of the leading indoor plumbed water coolers, dispensing up to 6 litres of chilled drinking water every hour. Using the latest refrigerant technology, and with a patented inside-out cooling probe, your whole staff can enjoy drinking water of below 10 degrees Celsius. The Aquarius plumbed water dispenser is made from a one-piece scratch-resistant plastic casing, which resists damage while looking stylish enough to compliment any office. With the addition of a SIP box you can also ensure that your mains fed water cooler is dispensing only the cleanest of water, through ozone sanitisation which automatically activates for 10 minutes every night.

The Oasis Aquarius mains fed water cooler delivers both chilled and ambient temperature drinking water, dispensed into small plastic cups which are stored conveniently in a tube on the top of the cooler. Not only does this ensure an easy drink, it’s also a space-effective and convenient storage option.

The Aquarius plumbed water cooler delivers up to 6 litres of water at a temperature of below 10 degrees celsius every hour, or the equivalent of 65 small drinking cup’s worth. With a large 2.2 litre storage tank, you can be sure that even high traffic locations, like offices or schools, will also remain adequately hydrated. The mains fed water cooler uses industry standard R134a refrigerant gas to chill the water, in combination with Oasis’s patented inside-out cooling mechanism. This in-water probe chills the water from the inside out, for a more efficient performance and the reduction of rusting, condensation or sweating.

Not only will the Oasis Aquarius water cooler provide water which is refreshingly chilled, it will also provide one of the most hygienic drinks on the market today. An easy to wipe outer casing resists the accumulation of bacteria, preventing the spreading of germs. Similarly, the one-piece drip tray can be taken out and emptied with minimal effort, allowing you to frequently remove any standing water which could host bacteria or dirt.

For additional cleanliness, a separate filter can be installed at the back of the mains fed water cooler, to remove any dirt or impurities from the water before it enters the inner workings of the Oasis Aquarius. On top of this, a SIP box can be purchased and placed inside the water cooler. A SIP box will actively sanitise the Aquarius’s reservoir for ten minutes every night, releasing effective but harmless ozone gas, or activated oxygen. This is far more efficient than other UV sanitising components, at a lower price.

The Oasis Aquarius mans fed water cooler is formed from a one-piece blow moulded casing, comprising heavy-duty textured plastic which resists scuffs or abrasions. With a consistent colouring and anti-scratch properties, any marks which do come as a result of accidental knocks will be slight, and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The plumbed water coolers plastic casing contributes to its lightness, at only 18kg. The Oasis Aquarius is less than a metre tall and 32 cm wide and deep, making it easy to store in locations where space is of a premium, and easy to manoeuvre should you ever need to rearrange the office.

H x W x D (cm)98 x 32 x 32
Wall Security Bracketsoptional
Waste Option(s)No
Weight (kg)18
Chilled Water Production6 Litres per hour
Cooling SystemReservoir
Rated Input100 Watts
Water Temperature8 - 12 Degrees C