Vandal Resistant Water Coolers


When selecting a vandal resistant drinking fountain you need to consider the following options, is it to be used inside or outdoors, do you want it to chill the water or provide ambient drinking water, will it be used for filling bottles, if it is an outdoor model do you need it to be freeze resistant? Just glance down the page and you will see how our handy icons allow you to quickly identify the right vandal proof drinking fountain for your needs.
Whatever your requirements, MIW Water Cooler Experts in partnership with Elkay Drinking Fountains, Halsey Taylor Water Coolers & Oasis Aqua Pointe Bottle Filling Stations have models within their range that will cope with all these demands. One machine which has been a huge success is the HTHBHVR8 vandal resistant stainless steel drinking fountain with bottle filling station from Halsey Taylor. This vandal proof water cooler features a vandal resistant push button tap and the special 'Low Flow' bubbler will reduce water consumption by 40%.
As the UK sole distributor for Elkay Water Coolers who are the world’s largest manufacturer of drinking fountains and drinking bottle filling stations who have over 100 year’s experience of building water coolers, you can be guaranteed to find the best selection and quality when looking for your vandal proof water cooler or drinking fountain.