Water Coolers


When looking to buy a water cooler or drinking fountain, potential buyers can find themselves overwhelmed by the diversity of product and the number of manufacturers to choose from, our aim is to give you the very best information allowing you to make the right choice.

Let's start with bottled water coolers, these are quick and easy to install and low cost to rent or buy, for years water cooler companies have delivered full water bottles of 15L or 19L bottles of spring or mineral water, the empty bottles were then collected but often caused a problem taking up valuable space in customers offices, the bottles were then sent back to the filling plant and the cycle starts again, now a greener solution is available.

You can now buy a counter top bottled water cooler or floor standing water cooler which uses a disposable 15L spring or mineral water bottle there is now an alternative to storing the empty bottles by choosing the recyclable 15L water bottle, once you have used the water simply crush the bottle and add it to your normal recycling waste.