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Water Cooler Sanitising Spray Food Hygiene Safe MIW

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AQC006 - 150 Heavy Duty Water Cooler Sanitising Surface Wipes

It’s perhaps not an immediately apparent consideration, but when you provide a watercooler for your team you also take on responsibility for its hygiene – they don’t yet clean themselves. Bioguard External Watercooler Heavy Duty Sanitising Wipes provide a single-product solution for cleansing your company’s water coolers.


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Created specifically for watercooler hygiene, Bioguard Heavy Duty Sanitising Wipes are food-safe and non-tainting, making them suitable for use across all external areas of your watercooler, including the dispensing nozzle, as well as contact points, fascias and all other external cooler elements.

Sickness absence costs British business in excess of £18 billion per year, largely because most illnesses are spread by touch. With the average person touching 300 surfaces an hour, bacteria are quick to spread. Bioguard Sanitising Wipes remove a wide range of bacteria, mycobacterium, viruses and fungi, from watercooler equipment. While we can’t promise the wipes will keep your office cold-free, they might be able to stop sniffles spreading quite so quickly.

Stringently tested by independent European laboratories, Bioguard Sanitising Wipes have been certified non-hazardous, and suitable for use on the skin, so they double up as excellent hand sanitisers when soap and water are unavailable. Non-toxic, biodegradable and non-accumulative, they are also certified environmentally friendly, so you can protect your team without harming the environment.

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