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Speciality & Bespoke Water Dispensers & Bottle Refill Stations

For the most part, off the shelf, WRAS-approved water coolers and bottle stations will answer most business requirements, but there are circumstances in which bespoke or customised solutions are called for. In this section, you can find examples of water bottle refill stations designed by MIW to deliver specific, unique capabilities, as well as units available for customisation, according to your business’ needs. While the Marathon is exclusive to MIW, designed by us to provide a portable, but robust pop-up drinking solution, we also offer a tailored service. Branded bottle refill stations fit seamlessly in with your corporate aesthetic, allowing you to share your particular message while providing an additional customer service. Further customisation can also be accommodated, from the addition of bottle counters, to the altering of external features – such as creating a security shelf to prevent the deposit of suspect packages. If there is something that you need from a watercooler or bottle filler that you can’t find ready-made, give us a call. If it can be done, we’ll find a way to do it.

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MIW Bottle Refill Station HydroBoost Wras Thames Water

Branded Eco-Dispenser HTHB-1500-80 - Chilled HydroBoost Bottle Filler

RRP: £2,995

Only £2,595
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Non-Branded Eco-Dispenser HTHB Security Shelf

RRP: £209

Only £145
Rent From:

Branded Eco-Dispenser HTHB Security Shelf

RRP: £355

Only £245
Rent From:

Vinyl Bottle Decal - Custom Branded

RRP: £189

Only £129

MIW-WWP1 - Waste Water Pump

RRP: £349

Only £245
Rent From:

MIW-WWP2 - Waste Water Pump

RRP: £785

Only £495
Rent From:

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