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Remote Chiller


A remote chiller which is also know or under sink chiller is a convenient way to chill drinking water for people who don't have the space for a counter top water cooler or would prefer something a little more discreet. Considerations prior to buying an under sink chiller should include the maintenance and length of warranty offered by some manufacturers. Ice bank technology is relatively new and can require replacement mechanical parts such as agitators which stop the water freezing inside the unit to be replaced periodically which can be costly, whereas a sealed reservoir style remote chiller supplied by Elkay’s or Halsey Taylor’s has a long history of reliability, there are no moving parts to be replaced and will undoubtedly save you money over years. Sealed reservoirs are the most hygienic and will produce large amounts of cold water especially if you need to fill a carafe or sports bottle, they also requires little or no servicing. Filtration can be added to improve the quality of the drinking water if preferred. MIW Water Coolers Experts offer a purchase or rental option, when renting, installation, servicing and filter change in included in the low weekly cost.