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10 reasons your children should drink water

Whether they’re busy in the classroom or running around a playground, all children need to drink water regularly in order to stay fit and healthy.

Not only does it boost mental and physical performance, but water is vital to a child’s development and general well-being, for a variety of reasons.

But with so much to do, too many distractions and an array of tempting sugary drinks on offer, it’s easy for youngsters to forget to drink water. Usually, the task falls to parents and carers.

But getting children to drink more water needn’t be a chore, with a regular supply of fresh, cool water to hand.

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With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why your children should drink water:


1)  Hydration: Children become dehydrated more quickly than adults. This can lead to headaches, irritability and tiredness. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated, which equals happy and bright kids!


2)  Growing up: Water is an essential nutrient. It enables growing bodies to function properly and helps to flush out toxins and aids digestion.


3)  Smile!: Consuming too many sugary drinks and fruit juices can lead to dental problems. Water is kind to little teeth, and helps keep them healthy and strong.


4)  Fighting illness: Water helps support the immune system, which protects youngsters from illness and infection.


5)  Brainpower : Water helps the brain to function, keeps children energised, and boosts concentration, which can all help clever kiddies excel in the classroom.


6)  Weighty issues : Too much sugar can lead to weight issues and other health problems. Water is calorie and sugar free, so youngsters can drink plenty of it, without the worry of any health risks.


7)  Be active: Kids love to exercise and take part in other activities, which can lead to dehydration. Water quickly replaces the fluids lost through sweat. It’s also a great thirst quencher.


8)  Cool kids: Children can overheat quickly, especially when playing in the sun. Water cools down their temperature and prevents hydration and other dangers, like sun stroke.


9)  Snack attack: “I’m hungry,” is a common phrase heard by parents. Often, children are not hungry but simply thirsty, or even bored. Water fills them up and keeps snacking at bay.


10)  Lessons for life: By drinking more water, your child will learn to make healthy choices from a young age, giving them the best start to life.


How do you encourage your children to drink enough water?
Perhaps you fill up a drinks bottle or use a reward chart.


We’d love to hear what works for you! Please share your ideas with us below.