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Advice and information on how to sanitise your bottled water dispenser.

Sanitising your watercooler is a relatively simple procedure, follow our simple 10 stage guide. For further advice you can view our YouTube and video channels.

How to clean a bottled water dispenser                              Cleaned and sanitised water dispenser

Stage one: Isolate from the power supply

Stage two: Remove 19L bottle from the machine

Stage three Remove the water safe guard which the bottle sits on. You should not require any tools for this procedure, gently prise off the water safe for using your fingers.

Stage four: Wipe clean the water Safeguard, then leave in Milton solution to sterilise

Stage five: Wipe clean the reservoir with a sterile cloth, now fill the reservoir with fresh water and add 1x Milton Sterilising tablet for every 5L of water used and leave for 2 hours.

Stage six: Use an antibacterial spray to clean the exterior of the water cooler paying particular attention to the taps and dispensing area

Stage seven: Dreams sterilising solution into a clean bucket, Place the water safe guard into the bucket with the sterilising solution and leave for two hours.

Stage eight: Flush several litres of fresh water through the reservoir.

Stage nine: Rinse the water Safe guard thoroughly in freshwater.

Stage 10: Replace the water Safeguard.