Air Conditioning vs. Drum Fans

When you’re at home it is much easier to consider the difference in savings when it comes to portable air conditioning versus mobile drum fans, and you notice the difference in cost much more quickly because it directly affects your pocket.

However, in business terms it is even more important to consider the cost implications between portable air conditioning and cheap drum fans.   Many are indeed surprised to find that a simple mobile drum fan can create all the refreshing air movement required by the staff within the building, showing that the air conditioning is actually an unnecessary luxury.

Unless you make a point of asking your staff to watch what power is used and how often they put the air conditioning on, it is unlikely that they will really consider the cost implications as it doesn’t directly affect them.  After all, they already have plenty to deal with, so really you need a solution that will not give them even more work.

Simply put, a 24” drum fan, or even a 30” drum fan will provide enough air movement to keep everyone cool, even in the heat of summer the electrical cost is significantly lower than that of air conditioning.  Naturally not all locations will suit an industrial drum fan, but areas with large amounts of space, such as gyms or factories are not only suitable, but also greatly in need of them.

There is nothing worse than working hard each day in uncomfortable heat. You very quickly begin to feel sleepy and your productivity is directly affected, so investing in some form of air circulation is very important from both the employer and employee point of view.

Fans work by interrupting the hot air that accumulates around the body and moving it elsewhere. This provides instant refreshment and will keep your staff alert and comfortable. If temperatures reach very high there are other tricks that will cool your staff without the need for air conditioning. Providing a chilled drinking fountain and chilled water packs will help to keep them cool and alert and is an instant solution.

When choosing the drum fan consider whether you want a 110v drum fan or a 240v mobile drum fan. If you choose the later then ensure that the wheels are sturdy enough to make movement easy. The size of the actual fan can vary from 24” to a 36” drum fan, even the smaller options will produce a fair amount of air movement.

Maintenance is not an issue with these fans and anyone who has dealt with an air conditioning unit will know that this is not the case with them. In terms of electrical usage and employee satisfaction there aren’t any drawbacks with the drum fan, the only real question is how many do you need?