Is Your Business at Risk?

If you enjoy reading the newspaper over breakfast or watching the news on television, the chances are you’ll be aware of the risks which face both house and business owners in today’s society. From anti-social teenagers to natural accidents or faulty machinery, there’s never been a more important time to safeguard your property – commercial or otherwise – against potential losses.

One of the most common risks to a modern business is damage or theft suffered at the hands of local wrong-doers. With many businesses heavily reliant upon expensive computers, servers and other electronic equipment for their day-to-day running, thieves see the office as a prime target for a large pay out. Fortunately, however, there are easy precautions to take against such things. A basic CCTV system can be installed in a matter of hours, deterring potential thieves and providing evidence which can be used in a court of law, should it become necessary. You could even combine CCTV cameras with motion-sensors and security lights, for a more efficient and deterring system.

While security systems are a great defence against people, it cannot protect your business from natural forces. Take a look around the office, and you’re likely to find at least one drinking fountain. With water also running from the mains towards sinks, toilets and plumbed water dispensers, there is a slight, but constant risk of leaking or flooding. If you’ve purchased one of the high quality drinking fountains available here at MIW Office Solutions you’re unlikely to experience a malfunction, but you could still develop a crack or hole in your main ½” copper water pipe. You can however take precautions against disasters by installing a simple water block.

A water block, or anti-flood device, can be purchased for as little as £25, and installed within minutes. It works mechanically and has a life expectancy of 300,000 litres, meaning it requires no electricity or maintenance. It can simply be push-fitted into your main copper water pipe, before the flexi tubing leading to any plumbed water dispensers or other appliances, and left to do its work. You can specify either 5 or 50 litres as threshold amounts, and once either of these amounts have passed through the anti-flood device in one constant stream, the water supply will shut off completely. This is achieved with a small disc inside the barrel-shaped device, which is pushed towards the far end by flowing water, eventually sealing it off.

Aside from flooding, Mother Nature’s next biggest risk to your business is probably fire. Government statistic suggest that each year there are nearly 300,000 fires, so it’s essential that you’re adequately prepared should the worst happen. Fire and smoke alarms can be fitted inexpensively and easily, alerting the authorities in the case of a fire and minimising damage to your company through destroyed equipment and records or halted business.

Fire is no different to flooding or burglary, in that the costs can escalate far beyond the initial damage. Time-consuming maintenance and repairs can bring your business to a standstill and cost you both sales and future clients. Make sure you’re sufficiently protected and you’ll be able to resume service with minimal interruptions, even if an accident does happen.