Benefits Of Outdoor Drinking Fountains Within Golf Clubs

We all know that remaining hydrated is of utmost importance when competing in any sport, and this goes for golf as well as faster-paced sports like football or rugby. Although you may not be sprinting from hole to hole or leaping over bunkers and ponds, the amount of time spent walking and playing around a typical golf course means that the risks of dehydration are just as prevalent on the golf course as the sprint track. A typical golfer will spend three to five hours completing eighteen holes, and if he is lucky enough to play on one of the UK’s rare sunny summer days, he is especially prone to dehydration.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, and a loss of as little as 2% hydration can lead to negative health effects.  You could experience a headache rivalling that of a hangover, dizziness, decreased physical coordination, and muscle cramps. None of these ailments are ideal when competing against a friend or a personal best, and in the most severe of cases can lead to illness or even death.

Professional golfer Neil “Bubba” Thompson said: “The problem arises when we consider the fact that a typical golf course will be between 6,000 and 7,500 metres long, and it is never ideal to interrupt play with a lengthy walk from hole 10 to the clubhouse. Even a water bottle has its downsides, as they are prone to leaking and offer no insulation from the heat of a sunny day.”

The most effective solutions seems to be outdoor drinking fountains,  manufactured by Halsey Taylor/Elkay the world’s largest supplier of drinking fountains and sold exclusively in the UK by MIW which provide golfers and staff alike with fresh, clean, cool drinking water. These golf course drinking fountains can be placed at convenient locations along the course, allowing golfers to remain on top form while also avoiding long interruptions to their round through drawn out water breaks.Electric refrigerated outdoor drinking fountains can also keep your water cool in summer, and protected from frost in winter, meaning a refreshing drink whatever the weather. Whatever your aesthetic preference, there is a product which will suit your needs. Your golf club may even consider purchasing a vandal proof drinking fountain, to protect from accidental damage or bored local kids.

Not only are these outdoor drinking fountains an advantage to players keen on maintaining their best health and form, they could also benefit your golf club as a whole. By keeping staff happy and hydrated you can ensure the smooth running of your club, and the advantages of a thriving, happy members list are clear. On top of this, by using outdoor drinking fountains you could even improve the environmental friendliness of your club. Without the need for bottles or cups, you can help to reduce the usage of non-biodegradable materials like plastic or polystyrene. Your staff can also spend less time picking up litter, and more time helping customers.

With all this in mind, why not consider purchasing outdoor drinking fountains for your golf club? You can help to look after the planet, while also keeping your golfers happy and hydrated.