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New Eco School Bottle Filling Station

Halsey Taylor HTHB 1500 Eco Dispenser They say all the real business is conducted around the water cooler. With the Eco-Dispenser 1500, that may not be such a bad thing. Ideal for schools and universities, the Eco-Dispenser  automatic bottle filler is perfect for anywhere that’s going to require regular hydration for customers, patrons and colleagues. This bottle filler has the added accolade of being certified by BREEAM, the leading product energy efficiency authority, as ranking top for energy efficiency when compared to any other bottle filler on the market.


Not only does the 1800 come with all the best in innovative water cooling technology; its unique design means there’s no need to worry about damage to its inner schematics. The vandal-proof qualities provided by the 1800 mean it’s an ideal addition to public areas, taking the worry out of potential acts of intentional or accidental damage. The units’ tough outer casing ensures total protection from wear and tear, with a lifetime guarantee to cover any potential internal defects

Efficient and economical

Because the Eco Dispenser doesn’t use traditional water cups, purchasing it for your business or institution can help reduce the environmental impact of your business, with the high level of energy efficiency reducing maintenance and repair costs simultaneously. The Greenspec TM technology reduces the amount of water and electricity used, minimising the environmental and financial impact of your business. The environmental and economic aspects of this BREEAM water cooler make it ideal for your business or institution, but it’s the machine’s unique ability to dispense 340 litres of water every hour that really sets it apart from the competition.

One of the best performing bottle fillers on the market, the Eco-Dispenser delivers crystal clear water every time, ensuring ultimate hydration and a happy, functioning workplace. Why settle for anything less than the best? With a top BREEAM rating and a fully energy efficient dispensing system, the Eco-Dispenser 1800 will consistently deliver filtered, refreshing water while saving you money in energy consumption.

Eco-School’s Receive 75% Discount

For a limited period, UK Eco-School’s are entitled to claim 75% discount from the already discounted rate, to find out more about the Eco school promotion follow this link Eco-Dispenser 75% Discount.