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Wheelchair Accessible Drinking Fountains – Do We Need One?

Providing fresh, clean drinking water at your institution, school or business environment is one of those amenities that is a pleasure to provide. Ensuring that people of all abilities have access to that drinking water is equally important. Whether you choose to provide a water cooler or a drinking fountain, it is integral to a happy environment that everyone can easily access drinking water throughout the day.

Why should our drinking fountain be accessible?

Everyone has the right to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water in his or her office or school environment says the World Health Organization.

If you are an administrator looking to increase the accessibility of your office, school, shopping centre or institution, you should be looking to install a drinking fountain that meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the strict America Disabilities Act, making it suitable for those with physical challenges here in the UK. This sends a message to all of your employees, students or clientele and lets them know that the management team cares about all of the people who walk through the building each and every day, and helps to create a positive, tolerant environment for everyone.

What kind of wheelchair accessible drinking fountain should I be looking for?

Your ideal water fountain is stylish, yet easy to operate and simple to maintain. Any drinking fountain that you select should include a specialised spout designed to fill water bottles and other vessels – this allows its users to grab water to go, encouraging health and hydration.

Wheelchair Accessible Drinking FountainThere are plenty of models on the market, but one of the most popular wheelchair accessible drinking fountains is the Halsey Taylor HAC8FS-Q ADA, known for both its good looks and its reliability. It will look sleek and modern in any environment, and yet this fashionable style is matched with functionality. It has a stainless steel basin top, crafted in a special shape designed specifically for accessibility and cleanliness.

It’s very simple to operate – people of all ages and abilities can operate the push bar with a feather touch! Once activated, the fountain dispenses clean, cool water chilled to a refreshing temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, no matter what the weather or atmospheric pressure is outside. Your maintenance crew will be relieved – the HAC8FS-Q model requires next to no daily care and is well known as one of the easiest to maintain drinking fountains on the market. It’s also hermetically sealed, which does wonders to prevent pesky leaks – no more sloppy, wet floors!

Who should I contact to have a water fountain installed?

No matter what style of wheelchair accessible drinking fountain you select, you can trust the people at MIW Water Cooler Experts. MIW are the UK’s leading supplier of water cooler and drinking fountain equipment, and they are committed to ensuring that their products are convenient for all of their clients to use. Give us a call or send us an email today and we will give you all of the information that you need to have a wheelchair accessible water fountain installed by the best in the business.