110v Drum Fans Proving to be Hot Property This Summer

MIW Office Solutions has recently received an increase in orders for 110v industrial drum fans to the tune of 40%. Just as the warm weather has seen schools, universities and offices upgrade their hydration facilities, customers from the commercial and industrial sectors have chosen to improve temperatures and air flow within their warehouses and factories by investing in one of our state of the art 110v industrial fans – ensuring their employees stay healthy and productive in spite of the soaring temperatures.

40% Increase in 110v Drum Fan Orders as Temperature Spike

Over the past few months temperatures have often risen above the 30 degrees Celsius mark, with the United Kingdom frequently beating tourist hot spots like Ibiza and the Bahamas in the temperature tables. The south east has seen the best of the weather, although even residents of the Scottish highlands have enjoyed warm spells of at least 22 degrees Celsius. This may come as a surprise when we consider that, according to Met Office statistics, the last winter was not only the wettest since 1961, but also the windiest in over 45 years!

Although many of us have made the most of the sunshine by frolicking on the beach or playing in the park, this summer has also shown us weather at the opposite end of the spectrum.  As shown by the Met office’s severe weather warnings, the warm air has lead to dozens of storms across the United Kingdom – causing widespread panic as hospitals have closed, trains have been cancelled and – in certain areas – people have even been left stranded.

A further consequence of the warm and stormy weather has been an increase in humidity, which has made life difficult for workers in the industrial and commercial sectors. Warehouses and factories where industrial machinery generate vast quantities of heat and steam have created challenging working environments, where 110v factory fans are one of the only options for reducing temperatures and allowing the normal resumption of work.

110v Industrial Fans Close to Selling Out                                              

The high temperatures and the tough conditions that they are causing have lead to a huge increase in demand for 110v factory fans, with orders at MIW Office Solutions increasing by a huge 40%.

A majority of suppliers have actually sold out of stock, but at MIW.co.uk we still hold large quantities at our 14,000 square feet warehouse – despite this recent increase in demand.

One of our most popular models is the Tank 3076 110v drum fan, which covers up to 120 square metres with an impressive air flow of 16,000 cubic feet every hour.

The KWP-2460 wall mounted oscillating 110v factory fan is another common choice for factories and warehouses, especially those where space is at a premium. The fan can be attached securely to a wall, moving air at speeds of up to 212 metres per second thanks to a set of 24” lightweight aluminium blades.

If your factory or warehouse has suffered as a result of the recent hot and humid weather, why not invest in one of MIW’s high performance 110v industrial fans before they sell out? Our full range can be found at MIW.co.uk, but our friendly sales staff are always happy to discuss our requirements too.