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240v Wall Mounted Oscillating Industrial Fan Is UK’s New High Flyer

In the warm summer months it’s inevitable that your space inside will get warmer. Quite often it gets a little too warm. Having ventilation is key to keeping cool when the weather has other ideas. The only problem being that not everywhere has the space to place a fan where it isn’t in the way. Where do you place it without knocking it over and tripping over it? There is a solution.

It’s time to introduce a new 240v industrial wall mounted oscillating fan to your environment. Having the fan mounted on the wall solves so many problems in one hit. You don’t need any extra space and it covers some of the large blank space you call a wall.  It also means that you are using the wall more efficiently than just letting it stand there.240v Wall Mounted Oscillating Industrial Fan

The 240v wall mounted oscillating fan is by far the top selling product in the UK market. The steel casing and smooth black finish gives it the style it needs to look great in your office or in the workshop. With the style and the fact that the fan weighs no more than a games console, having an innovative product that keeps you cool and takes less space is definitely a beneficial investment.

The popularity of the 240v wall mounted oscillating fan is evident through the steady increase in sales across the UK. With a staggering 22% increase on this time last year already the forecasts look promising. The popularity of the fan isn’t surprising as it need no professional maintenance or installation and can be put up by anyone.

Customers who have already discovered the amazing possibilities with these fans include fast food restaurants and major companies like BMW and Marriott hotels. With clientele such as these it’s easy to see why this fan has become the top seller in the UK.

An extra bonus that comes with this incredible product is the fact that the fans are delivered the next day as priority. One day you’re hot, the next day you’re not. With such amazing service and fast delivery your top selling wall mounted oscillating fan can be up and running in less than 48 hours. With a maximum air flow speed of 202 metres per minute you and your office or workshop will be feeling cool and fresh in no time at all.

For sales & advice, contact Ian Burdett or Mike Winter on 01207 572 000