Can Drinking Water Improve Your Performance At Work?

If the drinks companies were to be believed then we would all become superhuman after drinking their water; especially the ones with ‘special vitamins’ in.  But what affect does drinking water really have on your performance?  For athletes and those in physically exhausting jobs the benefits might be obvious, but what about for those of us who are stuck at our desks all day long?  If water can really improve concentration and cognitive responses then no wonder everyone on American TV is constantly drinking from mineral water bottles.

Some studies have shown that those who drink water before carrying out mental activity will perform better, with swifter responses and more accurate results.  It is thought that by fulfilling that feeling of thirst before working, the brain is not distracted by the thought of drinking.  However, other tests have shown that in some subjects drinking water will actually have a negative effect on performance.  More than anything this shows that thirst can play a significant role in the psychology at work behind our performance.  However, it is also thought that those who are constantly dehydrated will have a poorer memory, reaction time and ability to concentrate.  Perhaps this is all tied up with being distracted by thirst, but whatever the cause might be, if you feel healthy you are much more likely to be able to work hard.

Anyone who has attempted to work with a hangover will know that it is nearly impossible.  A lot of the pain associated with a hangover is due to dehydration.  Your body is so distracted by the desire for water that you can’t function properly.  So, it is no surprise that most people will congregate around thedrinking fountain or plumbed water cooler at work after a rough night out.  Similarly, if you are under the weather the advice usually focuses on rehydrating in some manner.  Your body is not working as best it could if it were properly hydrated.  So, it stands to reason that being hydrated will have a knock-on effect and increase overall performance.  Your mind will be working at its optimum, therefore your memory will be improved and your cognitive skills will be at their best.

workwear express staffAs water can have such a significant effect on the performance of employees it is no wonder that the prevalence of plumbed water coolers and recessed drinking fountains are increasing in workplaces across the country.  It is now a win-win scenario for employers and employees alike.  The boss gets hard working staff with excellent concentration levels and the employees have a constant supply of refreshing and chilled water from aplumbed water cooler or drinking fountain.  Overall many businesses have found that the improved levels of production ensure that it is a cost effective solution and the initial investment price of the water cooler is swiftly paid for by the increase in productivity.

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