Let’s Keep The UK Hydrated

In the winter most opt to stay indoors keeping warm and cosy, however with summer just around the corner the opportunity arises for many to head outside into the glorious warm sunshine. Councils can expect an influx of visitors to their parks and local attractions, whilst company workers who are usually found huddled in the canteen, will all be heading outside for a welcoming breath of fresh air on their breaks.

Outdoor Drinking Water Bottle Filling StationPromoting healthy lifestyles is at the top of the agenda for councils and businesses in today’s society, and ensuring individuals are getting their daily allowance of H2O is instrumental in that. Water makes up about two-thirds of our body weight and in order for our organs to function as they should, we need to replenish our fluid supplies constantly. Water is the definite healthy option, it has no calories unlike the array of manufactured sweetened drinks on the market today. Not to mention that the majority of these unhealthy drinks are a key factor in causing irreversible tooth decay.

Many schools now advocate that pupils drink water in lessons, it is said to increase brain power. Another valid reason why businesses should consider an outside water drinks dispenser, fresh air to wake their employees up and water to boost their brain activity so they are more productive!

The question is do councils and companies have an obligation to provide this facility? The answer is quite simply no. However, although there may be no legal obligation, they do have a duty of care to their employees or visitors to their sites. Many realise this and do already have water fountains in place, however these are often inaccessible to those who have a disability or visual impairment.

Our Halsey Taylor outdoor tubular bottle filling stations are perfect, not only do they provide safe clean water but they are purposely designed to be user friendly even for those that suffer from a physical or visual impairment. They are the ideal solution for councils, businesses or anyone that feels they have a duty of care to their employees or visitors.

Outdoor Drinking Water Bottle Filling StationThe filling stations are made of heavy gauge steel making them extremely hygienic, as well as being corrosion and vandal resistant. They are coated to prevent any contaminants from entering and have inbuilt filters, so that the water supplied is always perfectly clear. The hardiness of the steel used to manufacture the bottle filling stations means that even in the harsh winter months they endure. The self-closing activation button is advantageous especially to those who suffer from a visual impairment or disability, as is the height of the button. We all know the British love of queuing! Well there is no need to worry on that count, they are fast! A standard sports bottle can be filled within seven seconds. With no need for regular repairs or maintenance, they are a cost effective solution to keeping your workers and visitors hydrated at all times.

Promote healthy living. Show the public, or your workers, that you are committed by providing the one thing every human needs to survive – water!