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Looking for an indoor water fountain? The Halsey Taylor 4540 Is The Answer!

Halsey Taylor 4540 Drinking FountainIf your school, office or sports club is in need of a high performance indoor drinking fountain that takes up as little space as possible, why not read more about the Halsey Taylor 4540 below?

The Halsey Taylor 4540 is an ideal indoor drinking fountain for any schools, offices and sports centres where space is at a premium but reliable and regular hydration is still needed. The small drinking fountain dispenses fresh clean water from the mains, with an inline strainer and stainless steel components to prevent any contamination or corrosion. A simple push-button mechanism and automatic stream height regulator also make the Halsey Taylor 4540 one of the easiest drinking fountains to use, and as the product meets the requirements of the ADA Disabilities Act, even users with physical or visual disabilities will be able to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Halsey Taylor’s 4540 features an automatic stream height regulator that keeps the flow of water constant under line pressures from 20 to 105 psi, preventing spillages or queues when the natural water pressure is particularly high or low. A Double Bubbler TM tap also produces two-stream mound building water flow, which makes for a smooth stream that is ideal for both drinking and filling up bottles. A self-closing lever stop also prevents overflowing water, reducing the need for maintenance and making the 4540 one of the most eco-friendly units on the market.

This indoor drinking fountain features a 10” x 6” stainless steel basin, with contoured edges to encourage quick drainage and prevent splashback or spillages. The basin’s satin finish is resistant to fingerprints or water marks, and with all exposed fittings also plated with chrome, the 4540 will look its best without any significant time or money spent on maintenance and cleaning.

As standing water cannot accumulate, Halsey Taylor’s 4540 bracket drinking fountain helps to prevent the spread of germs between users. The unit also features a removable chrome-plated strainer, which will trap dirt and other contaminants that are larger than 0.14mm before they find their way into the internal waterways. With these features and a high level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process, the 4540 is one of the most hygienic drinking fountains available in the United Kingdom – as we have come to expect from industry leaders Halsey Taylor. In fact, the unit meets both the American NSF/ANSI 61 regulations for drinking water, while also complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act .

If you’d like to know more about the Halsey Taylor 4540 or to place an order, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team today.