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MIW Investigates: Industrial fans, Oscillating fans and Air Circulators

Draper 71395 450cm vs Prem-I-Air 18” 45cm high velocity air circulator vs KDD Industrial chrome plated 3 speed oscillating fan

If you are in the market for a new fan this summer be careful of dubious claims from some suppliers about just how good their products really are.

MIW investigates…

We purchased and tested three of the KDD1845’s closest rivals and were less than impressed by the results:

Draper 71395 18” 45 cm industrial fan:  this fan fell short of our expectations due to the plastic blades which are less efficient than aluminium blades. The fan produced quite good air movement however it was noisy due to the plastic blades; the cost of this fan ranges from £60 – £80.

Prem-I-Air 18” 45cm High velocity fan:  this features aluminium blades which instantly moved it ahead of the Draper in our “wish list”. The build quality was acceptable and like the Draper had a tilt pitch facility to move the head up and down, and three speeds. The cost of this machine is cheaper than the Draper and ranges from between £50 – £70.

The KDD 1845 18” 45cm:  like the Prem-I-Air this fan features strong aluminium blades which cut through the air helping to keep air noise low.

The KDD also has a three speed setting and tilt/pitch feature. Where the KDD starts to show its pedigree is in the quality build and finish; the permanently sealed motor bearing requires no additional lubrication or maintenance and comes with a lifetime guarantee, but above all else the KDD1845 is the only fan that oscillates.

The price range for the KDD is £55.95 – £59.95.