How an Outdoor Drinking Fountain Can Help Your Outdoor Business

If you own a business where outdoor activity is required, either by your employees or your customers, you’ve likely had to make several allowances against the weather and other outdoor factors, to ensure both complete customer satisfaction and employee productivity. This could be the installation of large parasols in your outdoor waiting areas or courtyards, plastic coverings for the walkways between your various warehouses or showrooms, or even the provision of macs or sunhats if your business focuses on outdoor leisure activities like city walks and tours.

Outdoor drinking fountains keep customers happy

Outdoor drinking fountains keep customers happy

Whatever your line of business, the key is to keep both employees and customers happy. A boosted morale means your staff will push harder for sales, and your customers will be more likely to oblige. So what does this have to do with outdoor businesses?

Unfortunately, when you have to contend with the elements for your customer’s attention, you’re likely to come off second best if you don’t prepare efficiently. Perhaps you’re a car showroom dealer, in the middle of your large forecourt. Your customers are complaining about the sweltering heat, but you have no drinking fountain and you’ll lose their interest if you lead them all the way back to the showroom cafeteria. You need immediate protection against the risks which extreme weather can pose, especially excess heat and sunlight.

You may want to consider installing an outdoor drinking fountain and bottle filler, like the Halsey Taylor HCRFEBP-LR. Although not as effective against sunlight as a pair of shades or a hat, this Halsey Taylor outdoor drinking fountain produces two-stream water flow in a mound shape, meaning your customers can stop for a quick drink or simply fill up a bottle to sip from throughout the day.

Outdoor Drinking FountainThe HCRFEBP-LR outdoor drinking fountain and bottle filler is activated with a simple push-button mechanism, and features both a smoothly contoured basin and anti-squirt feature. These make it easy to use quickly and cleanly, with no splash back or overflowing – essential to ensure no embarrassment on behalf of your customer or seeming lack of professionalism from your staff. These features will also prevent any build-up of stagnant water on the fountain itself, and in combination with a satin finish that resists fingerprints or water marks, ensures that the HCRFEBP-LR remains in top physical condition with no required maintenance.

Similar steps have been taken to make the Halsey Taylor HCRFEBP-LR one of the most resilient outdoor drinking fountain and bottle fillers available on the market, in terms of required maintenance. A long-life stainless steel non-pressurised storage tank and self-lubricated fan will function as normal without any tampering, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel panels and bubbler tap mean no cleaning or rust-prevention is required. Your spotless drinking fountain will help to convey your message of professionalism and attention to detail, while also serving as a useful way to stay hydrated and ultimately make a sale.

The HCRFEBP-LR, and other outdoor drinking fountains and bottle fillers, can be found right here at for both purchase and rental.