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Bottled Water Or An Outdoor Drinking Fountain?

When it comes to addressing the issue of hydration in the work place, there are generally two options to pursue. You could enlist the help of one of Britain’s many bottled water delivery services, and have cases of bottled water delivered straight to your office whenever required Alternatively, you could make a long term investment in a water cooler or outdoor drinking fountain. Both options have their respective advantages and shortcomings, so which is the best choice?

Empty plastic bottlesIn terms of value for money, there is a clear winner. Bottled water will generally set you back between £7-9 for a case of 24 bottles or 12 litres of water. An outdoor drinking fountain like the Halsey Taylor HCRFER-Q would fill up the same amount of bottles with filtered tap water in just over a minute, costing next to nothing. In fact, in comparison your outdoor drinking fountain would soon pay for itself, and if your budget is lower, it could even be rented from right here atMIW.co.uk.

A further advantage to installing an outdoor refrigerated drinking fountain like the HCRFER-Q is the fact that it will provide chilled water at any time of year, without the need for a bulky fridge. The fountain’s slim-line recessed design can be built into any wall, and the fountain’s sturdy steel mounting frame means it is equally suitable to outdoor use as indoor, so it could even be installed out in a courtyard to save further space. What’s more, you won’t be required to keep cases of bottled water around the office, where essential files or electronic equipment could better be stored.

HCRFER-Q Halsey Taylor Water Drinking Fountain

HCRFER-Q Halsey Taylor Water Drinking Fountain with Remote Chiller

In terms of the quality of water itself, it may be surprising to know that there is very little difference between the tap water within your office and the bottled water which can sometimes be transported hundreds of miles from its source. In fact, it is arguable that the cleanliness and purity achieved through the use of an outdoor drinking fountain like the HCRFER-Q, complete with an inline strainer, is superior to that found inside plastic bottles. Models like the Halsey Taylor HCRFER-Q are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 certification, the American standard for ensuring no dangerous levels of chlorine, lead or other contaminants in drinking water.

But despite the financial cost, the space, and the quality of water itself, surely bottled water has the advantage in terms of convenience? Although it’s easy to grab a bottle from the fridge and begin drinking, the fast-paced laminar flow of the HCRFER-Q and many other outdoor drinking fountains make them just as quick at providing a refreshing drink. Furthermore, with ADA certification, the simple push-button actuation mechanism in the HCRFER-Q can be used even by any employees with visual or physical impairments, where the collection and opening of a new bottle may be tough or time-consuming.

Aside from the above, the biggest advantage to an outdoor drinking fountain over bottled water is the longevity. Models like the HCRFER-Q are fitted with stainless steel panels and heavy duty galvanised steel mounting frames, and with self-lubricating start compressors and fans, it is one of the most maintenance-free drinking fountains on the market. You can avoid the time and effort of repeated orders of new cases of bottled water, simply install your outdoor drinking fountain and enjoy fresh, clean water for the foreseeable future.