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Saving 10,000 Plastic Water Bottles From Landfill

Bringing you an update to our previous blog post “Lancaster University Student Union Opt for MIW’s Green Water Cooler”

Lancaster University Student Union’s Bottle Filler has now been in situ since 2013 and has proved successful in more ways than one!

As well as providing students with a point to fill up their water bottles to keep them hydrated and alert during a day of lectures and studying, the Halsey Taylor Recessed Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filler has also been saving the environment.

The impressive GreenCounter panel, unique to this machine, shows exactly how many plastic water bottles have been saved from landfill by being refilled with this bottle filler.

Stuart Powers, from Lancaster University Student Union, contacted us this week to give us their milestone update:  “We’ve just passed the 10,000 bottles saved mark!  Which is well over the projected 8,600 plastic water bottles we estimated saving by September 2014.”

Statistics show that 80% of all plastic bottles used in the United Kingdom will end up in landfill, and could take as long as 400 years to decompose. We use over 3 billion litres of bottled water every single year, which equates to a dangerously large amount of plastic being shovelled into landfill.

I think students and staff at LUSU deserves a pat on the back, don’t you?

Along with the very useful GreenCounter the Halsey Taylor drinking fountain features both a bubbler tap and Hydroboost bottle filling station, and the vandal-resistant push buttons and  stainless steel casing ensure no damage can be done, making it ideal for locations like schools, colleges and universities.

If you’d like to help save the environment from plastic water bottles with our Halsey Taylor Bottle Filler find out more at miw.co.uk