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Shetland School Demands Bullet Proof Fountain

Sandwick Junior SchoolMIW Water Cooler Expert is pleased to announce that we recently supplied Sandwick Junior High School with a Cosmetal River 50 G61 floor standing drinking fountain. We have sold hydration solutions to over 4,000 schools, colleges and universities over the past quarter of a century, and staff from the school contacted us as the United Kingdom’s authority on drinking fountains for educational institutions. We were keen to help out, and worked alongside staff from Sandwick Junior High School to find a unit that offers the performance and durability which is necessary in such a busy but remote school.

Sandwick Junior High School is located in the small township of Sandwick, situated south of the Shetland Islands. The school was originally opened in the year 1873, although the current building has now been in place for thirty years. Being found some 50 miles away from mainland Scotland, the remote school required a reliable and durable drinking fountain that would not require frequent and expensive maintenance.

On top of this, the Sandwick Junior High School staff were in need of a drinking fountain that could dispense water at a fast enough rate to accommodate their several hundred pupils. The school is home to nearly 300 boys and girls aged between 3 and 18, with reception, primary and secondary education all being taught. Here at MIW.co.uk we’re more than aware of the important role which proper hydration plays for children’s learning and attention span, so the high performance Cosmetal River 50 G61 floor standing drinking fountain was the ideal product for the school.

Cosmetal 50 G61 Drinking FountainSandwick Junior High School were obviously interested in this particular floor standing drinking fountain for the high standard to which the unit is manufactured, with Cosmetal bringing the usual high standards of engineering which we’ve come to expect from the Italian 30 year veterans. This will reduce the need for the remote school to make costly and time consuming repairs, while ensuring that the school’s 300 students will enjoy refreshing chilled water for many years to come. School service manager Scott Conroy revealed that, “as you can imagine, breakdowns in the Shetlands are problematic and very expensive. This unit is extremely durable, and rarely causes our maintenance team a problem”.

Aside from the unit’s durability and reliability, the Cosmetal River 50 G61 is one of the most eco-friendly floor standing drinking fountains on the market. Only 250w of power is required to chill up to 50 litres of water every hour, through an intuitive coiled system that chills water to 8-12 degrees Celsius as it passes through the waterways. As well as reducing damage to the environment, this efficient system also renders it impossible for bacteria to accumulate and contaminate the water supply. Students of Sandwick Junior High School can instead enjoy fresh, clean and chilled water throughout the entire school day.

MIW Office Solutions are the United Kingdom’s number one choice for hydration solutions. If your school, college or university are in need of a new drinking fountain or bottle filler,whether you’d prefer the Cosmetal River 50 G61 floor standing drinking fountain or an alternative, why not get in touch with our sales department today?