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Staffroom Water Boilers Keep Employees Happy and Productive

Water BoilerWe’re all aware of the stereotype of the caffeine-addicted office worker, punctuating his day with dozens of cups of coffee and cans of energy drink. While this image is a bit of an exaggeration when compared to most offices and school staff rooms, the truth remains that many of us will require a cup of coffee or tea to get us through the working day. Many of us will swear by the restoring properties of a hot cup of tea or coffee, but can they actually help to improve our work performance? Or, is a trip to the kitchen or staff room simply an opportunity to take five minutes out and clear your head?

Research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found that caffeine can significantly improve employee concentration and memory, as well as reducing the number of mistakes they make. It didn’t matter whether the caffeine came from coffee, an energy drink, or tablet, the result was the same. When asked to complete a range of challenging cognitive tasks, those who had consumed caffeine performed far better than those who had drunk only a placebo. In fact, the benefits of a cup of coffee were seen as the equivalent to those of a 20 minute power nap, designed to refresh the mind and the body.

With over 400 billion cups drunk every year, coffee is the world’s most popular drink. As scientific research appears to suggest, it also appears to keep us alert and focused. For this reason, the installation of a mains fed auto fill water boiler in a school staff room or employee kitchen can be an essential factor in the maintenance of a happy and productive workforce.

TH59 Water BoilerWhatever the nature of your business, it is likely that your canteen hot water boiler would be required to serve a large number of people within a short space of time – whether it’s the designated lunch hour or the break between morning school lessons. Units like the TH59 auto fill water boiler can deliver up to 55 pints of boiling hot water in an hour, or the equivalent of over 100 cups. Depending on the size of your workforce, this will generally be more than enough to ensure that everyone receives a hot drink. With fast flow and an easy to use tap, the TH59 can also help to ensure no lengthy queues or employees wasting their time. You’ll simply benefit from quick and convenient hot water, and a happier and more productive workforce.

If you rent the TH59 auto fill water boiler / urn from here at MIW.co.uk, you’ll also benefit from free descaling two times a year. This can be particularly beneficial in areas of hard water, despite the limescale reducing properties of the unit’s built-in filter. You can also save money through the unit’s reduced power standby mode. After a period of inactivity, the TH59 will go into standby and use only 100w of energy, saving you up to 60% compared to other models.

If you’re keen on maintaining your employee’s happiness and productivity, but without losing time and money to queuing and bills, then the TH59 auto fill hot water boiler may be the product for you. For further details, why not visit the TH59 product page here at MIW.co.uk?