Summer Heatwave Here to Stay – Demand Increases for 110v Drum Fans

With soaring temperatures and the expectation of more sunshine to come, orders for 110v drum fans have shot through the roof at MIW Office Solutions. Weather forecasters have recently revealed that the United Kingdom’s recent heatwave is expected to last for at least two more weeks. Despite scattered storms hitting the headlines over the past few days, we have generally enjoyed excellent weather this summer. Temperatures have regularly broken the 30 degrees Celsius barrier, with traditionally colder areas like the Scottish highlands even seeing temperatures of 28 degrees and above.

The United Kingdom has felt the effects of gradually rising temperatures over the past few summers, with last year going down as one of the hottest summers on records. According to Met Office weather statistics, temperatures peaked at a sweltering 34 degrees Celsius in July 2013, with measurements topping 30 degrees for week-long periods at a time. Many of us will also remember the infamous heatwave of summer 2006, when a chart-topping temperature of 38 degrees Celsius was recorded – making Kent even hotter than tourism hotspot Barbados at the time.

Keep Workers Cool with an 110v Industrial Fan

These higher temperatures have meant an increase in demand for 110v drum fans from factories, warehouses and many other businesses within the industrial and commercial sectors. The small oscillating fans that can be purchased from high street retailers are ideal for use around the house, but large factories – often full of heat-generating industrial processes and machinery – require high capacity 110v factory fans to provide sufficient air flow and keep temperatures low. This is why MIW Office Solutions has received a substantial 40% increase in 110v drum fan orders over the past few months.

The KWP-2460 and Tank 3076 110v Industrial Fans

Here at, one of the most popular models has been the Tank 3076 110v drum fan. As the most powerful model in stock, the fan will move up to 16,000 cubic metres of air every hour – providing over 30% more airflow than its next-best competitor. And with a large set of 30” blades providing air flow to an area of up to 120 square metres, the Tank 3076 is the ideal 110v industrial fan for factories and warehouses alike.

The KWP-2460 110v factory fan is another popular choice for the industrial sector, and is ideally suited to factories where floor space is at a premium but temperatures need to be controlled. The lightweight fan can be attached to the wall and will provide widespread coverage without taking up essential space. On top of this, the fan can be tilted or oscillate – meaning that a wide area can be kept cool without the need for multiple purchases.

As we continue to enjoy the sunshine, sales of’s 110v drum fans are expected to continue rising through August. To place an order for your own, or to discuss our products in greater detail, why not get in touch today?