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110v Wall Mounted Oscillating Fan Makes Cool Work

Nothing is worse than being cooped up in an office or gym which is either too warm or too stuffy. You need cool, fresh air around you to keep you working at your full potential and keep you focused on the job at hand. Having a 110v wall mounted oscillating fan is how you can achieve it.

As the UK’s top selling wall mounted oscillating fan in the industry the reputation of the product speaks for itself. It’s popular because it works with incredible efficiency without the need for any maintenance. Even in the smallest of spaces the 110v wall mounted oscillating fan can be attached to a small area of clear wall to keep your working area cool.

This model weighs no more than a small flat screen television which means anyone can mount and install the fan with no professional maintenance or installation services. Having a product as lightweight as the 110v model means that if necessary the fan can also be moved to another location with hardly any effort by any team member.

The fan itself complies with all health and safety regulations and has an air flow speed of 212 metres per minute. This means that the 110v wall mounted oscillating fan can move around 13000 cubic metres of air per hour. The strength of the air flow allows the fan to quickly disperse cool air around the environment it is placed and efficiently make

wall mounted oscillating fan

The chrome finished cage on the fan gives a polished finish to the product and it also arrives with a steel mounting bracket. This fixture prevents the fan from knocking the wall on either side as it oscillates and it provides maximum protection against any accidents or vibrations.s the atmosphere cooler.

Confidence in the 110v wall mounted oscillating fan has already been found with big chains in the fast food industry using the fans to cool down hot kitchen areas. Other big names like BMW and Marriott hotels have also ordered the best industrial wall mounted fan on the market. With customers of this calibre the proficiency of the product and its reputation is clear.

Deliveries of the fans are fast with delivery arriving the following day as a priority. There is no faster way of getting top leading ventilation in your work place than getting the 110v wall mounted oscillating fan.