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Boost Company Performance with an Office Water Dispenser

At MIW Office Solutions our most common customers are staff from schools and office workplaces. Both settings are home to large numbers of people giving their brains a work out on a daily basis. For this reason, a reliable and efficient hydration solution is normally required to keep moods and performance at a high level. A failure to do so can be particularly damaging – in terms of child development within schools, and company performance in the workplace.

An office water dispenser leads to happier, healthier employees

According to scientists, researchers and health-related charities like the British Heart Foundation, we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day. We need enough water to allow for the transport of nutrients through our bloodstream, the removal of toxins and waste products, and for the sending of electrical messages around our bodies – as well as countless other biological processes.

This means that when we can rehydrate regularly, as can be the case with a quality office fountain, our bodies and minds will function to the best of their abilities. We work quickly and efficiently, we take a confident and optimistic approach to our work, and there is generally an improved atmosphere around the office.

However, widespread dehydration can also cause the opposite. Cognitive functioning can drop, causing headaches and increasing the chances of mistakes being made. We may also work at a slower rate – an issue for any employer familiar with the age-old mantra of “time is money”. Furthermore, chronic dehydration can cause serious conditions like kidney stones and exhaustion, either of which will lead to extended employee absenteeism.

What have our customers said?

At MIW we will often contact our customers to hear how they are settling in with their new purchases. We recently heard back from R Irwin Construction, who chose the Halsey Taylor drinking fountain for its combination of efficiency and top performance. A spokesperson from the company said: “Our new office fountain has been a life saver now that summer is here and the temperatures have risen. Everyone in the office is staying cool, hydrated and happy throughout the day. The difference is definitely showing in our recent sales figures too!”

Quality hydration for businesses of all sizes

MIW Office Solutions has supplied bottle fillers, drinking fountains and other hydration solutions to companies of varying sizes and sectors, ranging from small digital start-ups to large Ministry of Defence outposts. We offer two payment options for a majority of our products – a one-off purchase, or a weekly rental package.

For example, our market-leading Halsey Taylor HTHB recessed bottle filler is available to buy for £984 – with a massive saving of £711. However, the same unit can also be rented for as little as £7.95 per week. Our rental contracts run for at least 36 months, but entitle you to repairs and maintenance in the event of a breakdown. What’s more, at any time you can also upgrade to a different model within our range (subject to contract).

If you’d like to know more about our water coolers for offices, or to discuss the most appropriate payment option for your business, why not contact one of our friendly sales agents today?