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Create your own branded bottle filling station in 60 seconds



Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor bottle filling station, our configurator offers a free and easy way to see one in your brand colours with your business’s logo. Design and brand your dispenser in a matter of minutes before bringing it to life with our in situ lifestyle images.

Our bespoke bottle filling stations are a way for your business to improve its carbon footprint and help support reducing single-use plastics. Having your brand colours and logo featured on an eco-friendly dispenser ensures your sustainability message is clear while providing free drinking water.


How to design and brand a bottle filling station


Step 1: Choose your machine


UV Genie – This Touch-Free Refill Station offers the ideal combination of high performance, durability and ease of use that is essential to meet the hydration requirements of any fast-paced or high-traffic environment.

UV Max – One of the most energy-efficient, durable and intelligent bottle fillers around; the UV Max is an ideal drinking solution for high-traffic public areas.


LK 4400 – This pedestal bottle filling station will fill up a standard 500ml water bottle in under seven seconds. With an easy-to-use push-button actuation mechanism and laminar flow, filling up a water bottle has never been quicker or more convenient.

LK 4405 – This wall-mounted bottle filling station is perfect for outdoor application. The rounded corners give the unit an aesthetically pleasing look and extra safety in fast-paced environments like parks, sports facilities or shopping centres.

Step 2: Choose your colour

This colour will cover the main body of the bottle filling station; you can add a pattern and more colour in the next step.
Whether there is a particular colour Pantone number you are looking for or you are simply looking to experiment with different colours, our various options enable you to find the perfect colour. You can:

  • Use the Pantone number, HEX, or RGB code to find the exact colour you are looking for.
  • Use the various slider and select tools to find the perfect colour for your bottle filling station.

Step 3: Choose your pattern (Indoor only)

We have several patterns to choose from to add a theme to your bottle filling station design.

This pattern does not have to be the design you opt for if purchasing a bottle filler but should give you an idea of how your station will look.

Like in Step 2, you have more colours to choose from, this time for different sections of the pattern. Again, you can use colour codes and numbers for specific shades.

Step 4: Upload your logo

Click on the upload button and find your logo from your files. Your logo and tagline must fit inside a 5:3 ratio rectangle and have a transparent background, therefore should be a PNG file.

Step 5: View your machine

Bring your creation to life by clicking through the various lifestyle images that feature your bespoke bottle filling station.

Want to change the design?

Click on the step you want to change and make your changes accordingly.

Happy with the design?

If you are happy with the design and want to get in touch regarding a quote or question, click the Contact Us button, fill in the form, and then click submit.

If you would like to share your design with a colleague or another stakeholder, click the Share button, fill in your details, and we will email you a shareable link. We have included a tickbox if you want to discuss your design with a rep.