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Buying for Education

Buying for Education

There are a range of water coolers which are suitable for schools or colleges, available in many different styles and sizes. Whether you are planning to buy or rent, suppliers like MIW Water Cooler Experts offer both reduced one-off purchase prices and affordable weekly rental packages. 

With the sheer amount of time children spend in school, water coolers are an essential piece of equipment to ensure children remain hydrated and perform to the best of their potential. Due to the high volume of children in each school, water coolers fed by the mains are the most practical, affordable and environmentally friendly option. 

With a mains fed water cooler, school classroom space is saved by the lack of storage tanks or large bottles. Plumbed water coolers connect directly to the main supply, delivering a constant supply on clean, fresh drinking water. Most water coolers also feature large amounts of space to fit your cup or bottle, meaning children can even use their own 500ml sports bottles to drink from.

As their name suggests, many school water coolers will offer both room temperature and chilled water, for maximum refreshment even during hot weather. Products like the Cosmetal Rio 23AC, offered at MIW Office Supplies and one of the top sellers since 1997, feature two taps for both options, and to provide quick drinking even during high volume usage. The Rio 23AC chills 25 litres of water per hour, more than enough to satisfy a large class of children.

Many school water coolers also feature easy to use push-button activation units, meaning they can be used independently even by young children or those with physical or visual difficulties. This accessibility is essential for school water coolers, but it also promotes good hygiene. The push-buttons are usually situated away from the tap and drainage area, reducing the chance of cross-contamination between users and stopping water or airborne germs from spreading. Push-button school water coolers like the Rio 23AC can be rented from MIW.co.uk for as little as £5.95 per week, depending on the length of the contract.

Many of the water coolers offered by MIW Office Solutions will also feature ergonomically designed drip trays, designed to collect any overflowing water and prevent stagnation or spillages. Water coolers like the Oasis Aquarius will hygienically collect litres of waste water, ready to be disposed of once the large tank is full. Some models will also contain sensors in their storage tank, and will conveniently shut off the water supply when they require emptying, saving you the risk of messy overflowing.

Many of MIW.co.uk’s school water coolers can be ordered with added extras, like a filter which keeps your water clean. Dirt, germs, and other substances like chlorine or lead will be removed from your water supply, leaving the freshest, purest water. You may also require one of MIW.co.uk’s water blocks to prevent flooding, or a pressure reducing valve to combat irregular but potentially harmful spikes in water pressure.

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