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Clean, Green Machine: HAC Water Cooler with HydroBoost™ Bottle Filling Station

Halsey Taylor UK have launched their exciting newHAC Water Cooler with a HydroBoost Bottle Filling Station, through their UK sole distributor MIW Office Solutions Ltd.

This innovative pairing offers instant and longer refreshment, in one convenient place. Halsey Taylors HydroBoost’s nifty rapid refill feature, makes topping up recyclable water bottles faster and easier than ever.

New customers will reap all the benefits of this complete water station unit, while existing HACwater coolers will be retrofitted to ensure they enjoy the same superb features.

The new HTHB-HAC series boasts all the smart specifications of the In-Wall HydroBoost model; notably the innovative Green Counter™ and optional WaterSentry® Plus 3000 gallon filtration system.

Our eco-friendly GreenSpec® Listed HydroBoost models are designed to minimize the use of disposable plastic water bottles, which are costly to both the environment and the consumer.

The Halsey Taylor unit also abolishes the need for environmentally harmful plastic drinking cups, which means it is compliant with the environmental assessment requirements of BREEAM for water coolers. http://www.breeam.org/

This makes it ideal for green buildings, including water coolers for BREEAM schools, hospitals and other public areas, where sustainability is key.

Key Features


  • Sensor Activated
    Electronic sensor provides touchless, sanitary operation; just place and fill. Equipped with an automatic 20-second shut-off timer. User interface design makes touchless operation intuitive.

  • Optional WaterSentry® Plus Filter with Visual Monitor
    Green, yellow and red LEDs are located in the front to visually indicate when the filter needs maintenance

  • Water Dispenser
    Quick fill rate is 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) for non-refrigerated models and 1.1 GPM for refrigerated models; making this 3x faster than typical drinking fountains. Laminar flow provides a clean fill with minimal splash and easy maintenance.

  • Green Counter™
    Informs user of number of plastic bottles saved from landfills; based on 20oz. plastic bottles for non-refrigerated models, and 16oz. bottles for refrigerated models.

  • Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Product Protection
    Selected plastic components are integrated with Silver Ion Anti-Microbial. This inhibits the growth of common bacteria, moulds, and fungi that cause stains, odours and product deterioration for the useful life of the product.