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Coming soon to MIW…

Soon to be added to MIW’s extensive range is a brand new product which promises to make your water cleaner, tastier and safer.

Elkay, one the major suppliers we work with, has announced the launch of its new 35,000 gallon/132,000-litre WaterSentry® PureTM High Capacity Bacteria Filter.

The filter, which is available from early in the New Year, removes bacteria and sediment from drinking water – resulting in less odour and chlorine and a more pleasant taste.

It’s low maintenance too, and is easy to install. Its performance and longevity is boosted by a sediment pre-filter, meanwhile.

Carbon-block technology coupled with a filter membrane enables the removal of an array of unwanted nasties through the process of microfiltration.

New Elkay High Capacity Bacteria Filter,

Bacteria, total coliforms, chlorine and unpleasant tastes and smells are all removed through this process.

Thanks to its impressive capacity, it is an ideal drinking water solution for high-traffic areas such as schools, shopping malls and leisure centres.

At 35,000 gallons, the water filter’s capacity is 10 times that of standard bacteria filters. Its sediment pre-filter also has a nominal grade of 10 microns, prolonging the life of the filtration system. It’s also reasonably compact, with 37.46 cm x 7.87 cm x 7.87 cm dimensions.

To find out more about the Elkay WaterSentry® PureTM High Capacity Bacteria Filter click here.

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