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Cosmetal Water Coolers

Cosmetal Water Coolers is an Italian company, offering cost-effective water coolers of the highest quality.  Cosmetal was founded in the late 1950’s producing keyboards and electronic organs, but through developments in engineering and technical expertise they were making water coolers by the late 1980’s. They now have over thirty years of experience in developing and manufacturing water coolers, and remain worldwide industry leaders, working closely with partners in the European Union, North America and North Africa.

Cosmetal have maintained their position as an international leader of the water cooler industry by insisting on the best raw materials, and a keen attention to detail through the stages of design, development and manufacture. They use the highest quality stainless steel and plastic from suppliers at the top of their respective industries, and rigorously test each product with water, not air at their headquarters in Recanati, Italy. This ensures a reliable, hygienic product which serves refreshing water while requiring little maintenance.

Cosmetal water coolers come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are suitable for almost any location. Their H2OMY TOP cooler is a simplistic, cheap and easy to use cooler which is perfect for home use. You can enjoy clean, refreshing water around the house at any time of day. For public spaces like shopping centres or the school courtyard, Cosmetal’s River drinking fountain andRiver UP drinking fountain offer a sturdier solution to your hydration needs. These designs allow the user to fill a bottle or drink directly from the tap, and can be operated using a pedal. This helps to improve cleanliness and hygiene, while also reducing the environmental impact of plastic or polystyrene cups. While perfect for the office or factory, these water coolers are also suitable for the gym, where customers require a high quality replenishment of the water which they lose during exercise.

For the workplace environment, you may even want consider Cosmetal’s point of use water coolers. These products, like theRIO POU Water dispenser or YUMI POU, feed directly into your water mains and eliminate the hassles of transport, storage and disposal which come with bottled water coolers. Cosmetal’s water coolers can provide you with cool, room temperature or hot water, and either still or sparkling. Cosmetal’s collaboration with the University of Camerino, and their drive to remain at the forefront of technological innovations, mean that their point of use coolers remain both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

As well as providing top quality water coolers, Cosmetal also offer technical courses and comprehensive customer care for their partners. They are members of groups such as the British Water Cooler Association, and work with retailers like the UK’s MIW Office Solutions. MIW are one of the largest UK suppliers of Cosmetal water coolers, and stock a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs, whatever they may be.