Drinking fountain bubbler taps

Drinking fountain bubbler taps allow you to hygienically and conveniently provide fresh water to the occupants of your building, club or workplace. They offer a convenient way to remain hydrated, without the need for flasks, plastic bottles or cups. Not only does this encourage the drinking of water, it is also beneficial to the environment. Disposable paper 4 oz cone cups and plastic cups are made from wood pulp and oil, two materials which are both best avoided in our current environmental climate. A drinking fountain bubbler tap is also beneficial to the environment by reducing the waste water which may occur from drinking from a tap, or filling up a large glass. This is done by reducing the excess water which cannot be drunk, and by only allowing the running of water when a button is pushed or a handle turned.

Drinking fountains can be placed in a variety of locations, both indoor and outdoor. From asmall water cooler in the office of a growing business to a town park full of joggers and dog walkers, our need for regular hydration means that drinking fountains are suitable for any number of places.

It is a well known fact that remaining hydrated is essential to maintain optimum physical and mental functionality. A loss of even 2% water can be detrimental to health, and could cause headaches and cramps alongside a general decrease in performance. The effects of dehydration are especially problematic during mentally or physically intense activities like studying or exercising. It is for this reason that a visit to any gym or school will result in you seeing at least one water fountain.

While these are two locations in which a drinking fountain is necessary, the high volume of people who use such facilities means that germs could easily be spread if the correct safety precautions are not taken. Alongside basic safety measures like hand washing and the wiping off of open surfaces, a drinking fountain bubbler tap allows your students, employees, or family members to remain hydrated while also in good health.

Most drinking fountains feature bubbler taps, but replacement bubbler taps can also be purchased and attached to both indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, should the unit become damaged or faulty. The most common size is a ½” bubbler tap, and many products feature universal fittings – so a replacement has never been easier. The tap can also be fastened securely with its built-in locking nut, to prevent any leakage or run-off. Manybubbler taps also feature adjustment screws to, alter the height of the water flow based on any requirements such as the filling of bottles.

The environmental and health benefits of drinking fountain bubbler taps are clear, they provide a hygienic and convenient way to stay hydrated, and in turn both physically and mentally alert. Many bubbler taps are also cost-effective and universally fitting, meaning replacements can easily be purchased and fitted.